Intrinsic Value

aggregate intrinsic value for options outstanding and exercisable as of December 31, was $ million and $27 million, respectively, based on a December 31, stock price of $ per share.

Despite its very basic and optimistic in its assumptions, the Gordon Growth model has its merits when applied to the analysis of blue-chip companies and broad indices. The discount rate divided into the earnings provides an estimate of capitalized value with the assumption that the earnings remain constant into perpetuity. Read this article on How to Become a Value Investor. Think of it as the "true" or "inherent" value of an asset as opposed to its "market" value what the public decides to pay for it.

What is 'Intrinsic Value'

On top of calculating the intrinsic value of the stock, many value investors typically look for what Warren Buffett calls the margin of safety. Margin of safety is the percentage difference between the calculated intrinsic value and the current stock price.

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