Three Skills You Need to Become A Forex Trader

You should be able to access all tools and features with a click of a button, which most of the platforms in the market manage to do so quite well. The performance and reliability of online Forex trading platforms depend on a broad range of factors. Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors.

Power up to Advanced Charting

Traders can now perform the most comprehensive market analysis using advanced analytical tools and can now invest in the different markets across the world through a single trading platform installed on their PC or mobile device. The added convenience of being able to access the market from anywhere in the world is the most revolutionary idea that changed the face of financial markets for small-time traders.

The Forex market has a wide range of functional and aesthetically advanced trading platforms that are designed and developed by various platform developers and large brokerage firms. The retail FX trading market is filled with several third-party trading software that are complemented by proprietary interfaces designed by mainstream brokers and platform designers.

A majority of Forex brokers choose the third-party trading platform option that allows them to customize existing trading terminals through licensed APIs, which offers more control and reduced expenditure than proprietary trading platforms. Third-party platforms are also easy for traders while switching between brokers, as it will take less time to get familiar with the platform when compared to learning all the different aspects of a brand new trading interface.

The MetaTrader is the most popular third-party Forex trading platform that has received numerous awards and accolades from international organizations, brokers, traders, and market participants from different sectors of the Forex financial industry.

The MetaTrader is available in two different versions, namely the MT4 and the MT5, of which the MT4 continues to dominate the retail trading market among both market maker and direct market access brokers. ECN brokers are also fond of the cTrader platform, which comes in a close second to the popular MT4 terminal. A few brokers also offer other third-party platforms such as the NinjaTrader, the JTrader, and the Trading Station, but as far as popularity and reach are concerned, the MT4 and the cTrader continues to lead the way.

Branded trading platforms that are designed and marketed by brokers do not enjoy the same amount of popularity as third-party programs, but they may be able to offer more in terms of features and functionalities.

Mainstream brokers are renowned for spending extra resources on creating visually stunning trading interfaces, which are guaranteed to capture the imagination of their clients. Therefore, it is natural that you might find it more visually appealing for your trading senses to choose a proprietary trading platform over a third-party trading program.

The performance and reliability of online Forex trading platforms depend on a broad range of factors. All trading interfaces are connected to trading servers that are either hosted by a broker or by a third-party liquidity provider. Some brokers also offer a Virtual Private Server VPS as a standard feature for their brokerage account, which increases the reliability of the trading terminal along with a noticeable decrease in latency and trading errors. Therefore, as a trader, you can compare the performance of different trading platforms by analyzing the following aspects of a trading terminal:.

The best online Forex trading platform should display accurate price feeds and live charts that represent the market dynamics precisely. You have the option of testing different platforms by cross-referencing the price movements, the chart patterns, and the spreads with numerous live feeds provided by online resources or from other leading mainstream FX brokers. Some unreliable and dishonest brokers may tamper with the trading platform to display corrupt data and to gain an advantage against unsuspecting traders, but these tactics are strictly frowned upon by regulatory organizations that may impose heavy sanctions and stringent penalties on such companies.

Speed and accuracy are two important aspects of trading that ensure consistent success in the Forex markets. A trader must be able to enter and exit the markets at the right time or face the risk of losing a huge amount of money due to the immense volatility.

Of course, slippages are a part of direct market access trading, but traders should be able to open and close their positions as fast as possible without any platform-induced delays. If you are consistently worried about the relative lack of speed of transactions on your platform, it is time for you to test your platform speed with other leading platforms in the market.

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