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Women's Spring-Summer Show. Discover the details of the show. Our cave of wonders. Forest Folk From velvet streams to cashmere moors, noble materials and bright shades meander through the AW collection. You wood love it. Carréoké Scarf addicts silk it out loud.

Hermès on Stage — The Audition. Discover the first act of Hermès on Stage, a play introducing chameleon actors and essential accessories full of character. Tiptoe to the top. Play it like Hermès. The Men's Autumn-Winter collection bends the rules and works on its own game. Footsteps accross the world. Through this collection of films, documentary maker Frédéric Laffont reveals with humanistic perspective our unique relationship to sustainable development.

Here to help Have a question? Customer Service Call Some say that the first cairn was erected by the gods, when they cast all their stones in favor of Hermes , during his trial for slaying Argus Panoptes. Archaic artists portrayed Hermes as a mature bearded man.

However, later on, he was represented as an athletically built nude youth, immediately recognizable by four attributes: As such, he is often associated with oratory or interpretation. In Greece, an interpreter was called hermeneus , and today the science of interpretation is known as hermeneutics. Hermes was the only Olympian capable of crossing the boundary between the living and the dead and carrying the souls of the dead in Hades. Hermes was the son of Zeus and Maia, the oldest of the seven Pleiades.

He was born in a cave in Mount Cyllene in Arcadia at dawn. By noon he was able to invent the lyre and play a hymn celebrating his own birth on it. That very same evening, for reasons unknown, he stole the cattle of Apollo. Afterward, he came back and innocently tucked himself up in his cradle. To invent the lyre, Hermes killed a tortoise and scooped the flesh out of its shell. Then, honoring the Pleiades, he stretched seven strings of sheep-gut over the empty shell.

In exchange for it, Apollo forgave his little brother everything and swore to be his closest friend forevermore. By all accounts, Hermes was a darling of the gods. Artemis supposedly taught him how to hunt and Pan how to play the pipes.