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Some of them are different. Blog Service Guides Audi A4. F Focus Mustang Fusion. Start Prev 1 2 3 4 Next End. Comments Raj What did I do wrong? Artem Vestsorov Were you able to put the shifter into the gears but the car did not move? You may have installed the clutch backwards. I've seen it happen. When you installed the clutch did you properly tighten down the pressure plate all the way and was the clutch disc secured tightly between the flywheel and the pressure plate?

It was very helpful on our '96 A4 Quattro. The only thing i did differently was how i installed the slave cylinder. I found another write-up that recommended to grease up the the rubber boot while avoiding the end of the piston. This allowed me to seat the slave cylinder by hand without using a bent screw driver. I had the slave cylinder in under 5 minutes. Clutch Kits Thank you for sharing. You can see the 6mm Allen bolt after removing the front driver's side wheel.

On my early 99betwo, there were a few differences. Needed to remove the precat o2 sensors. I couldnt squeeze the pipes between the frame and mount with the sensors on. Borrowed the 22mm tool from autozone and used a 2' extension from the top. Was not able to get them with the multiple long extension method. Too much stuff in the way made it hard to properly engage the socket and the long extensions gave too much play.

Bolt 6 requires 16mm offset wrench. Wasnt able to get the 8mm hex on the shifter linkage. Was off by millimeters with my hex tool. Proly coulda hunted down a smaller tool. Instead i loosened it from the inside, moved the transmission back a tad, and was then able to access the bolt. Pushed a bit harder and it completely loosened and engine revved up to red line. Now every time i start it the engine insta red lines to like 7k rpms. Wtf did i do wrong, help pls? If yours is a Maybe when you reconnected all those electrical connections in the engine bay something snagged the cable?

You should see a physical cable connected to your accelerator pedal that is controlling throttle input into the engine Other A4's were drive-by-wire, meaning an electrical signal is sent from the accelerator pedal to the computer, which is then sent as electrical signals to the engine. If you have disconnected the battery then you need to run through a procedure to have the ECU relearn the accelerator position to throttle mappings.

Just google for the procedure. My assumption is you have an AEB engine since you mention the pedal was physically stuck. I was able to figure it out the next day after some rest. When torching the o2 sensor, i think i let the flame get a bit out of control and it melted the plastic housing the accelerator cable slides in causing the cable to hang up.

I simply cut away the damaged material and everything works properly. You can take the Gear Shifter, while engine is running, foot completely off clutch And go "Shift Crazy" OR IF you could even point me in the right direction , Thank you. We'll see how that goes but should be easier thx to this article The clutch and trans. Your post is the only one that I found on the internet that showed direct pictures and what to do.

All the others was just lousy no pictures,no explanation step by step,no videos at all of a manual transmission or replacing the rear main seal. Mark tankersley I'd appreciate the required tools and technique applicable to the replacement of the entire clutch assembly. Thanks MUCH, mark tank. You read this - it means it works! Net, there is a free demo version. Check clutch fluid line coming from master cylinder and slave cylinder.

If leaking replace, If not try to bleed the line. If you are unable to bleed the clutch line successfully. You may have a faulty master cylinder or slave cylinder. You can usually visually inspect a slave cylinder because they usually leak around the outside of the unit, but not always the case. A slave cylinder job is usually cheaper and easier to do. If replacing the slave has little to no effect. You have a faulty master cylinder.

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Jetzt können Sie mit der linken Maustaste das Terminal anklicken und verschieben. Um das Terminal wieder zu fixieren, klicken Sie erneut auf den Tool-Button und wählen Terminal andocken.

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Please Login or Register to see this Hidden Content. Ich habe diese Woche angefangen diese Strategie zu traden. Es war eine sehr erfolgreiche Woche habe Pips Gewinn gemacht.

Hallo, wie viele pips war dein risiko? Wo hattest du den stopp? Wenn man bedenkt, das ich jeden Tag 10 Stunden unterwegs bin um mein Brot zu verdienen. Moin Mc, wie hast du das logistisch geschaft; normaler Berufsalltag und dann intraday wenn auch nach 4h Charts? Wie gehst du mit Signalen um, die in der Asiensession erscheinen? Das kann frustrieren wenn man da einiges verpasst. Die Methode könnte Potential haben, wenn man es schaft sich mit dem Traden nach einem 4h Chart zu arrangieren und die drawdownphasen mental verkraften kann.