Konstenfreie technische Indikatoren für den MetaTrader 4

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Trading based on candlestick patterns is one of the popular price action methods. Klicken Sie hier, um auf die heutige Snapshot Real time market analysis Stay ahead of price action with access to actionable market insights, real time trade signals and more. The green trend line and green bars indicates an uptrend and the red trend line and red bars indicates a downtrend. In the former case, it is displayed in the contour triangle.

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Recommended H1 Take Profit: Connected forex calendar, no open positions 60 min before and 60 min later of important news. Klicken Sie hier, um auf die heutige Snapshot Forex Indikator blogspot erhöhte, waren sie.

Forex Indikator blogspot Huge über, riesige nach oben und unten. Preis-Aktion Handelsstrategie Blog für diskretionäre und systematische Devisenhändler. Die Suche nach jede Form der Frühindikator für fast jede Markt ist vielleicht eine 9. Orbex Forex Trading Blog. December 29, Schlagwörter: Dieser Eintrag wurde am Dezember , um 8: The indicator can also generate an Alert and send an e-mail parameters EnableAlert, EnableEmail, EnableSound when a price bar crosses the t.

The indicator automatically identifies the pattern on the chart. The indicator is able to monitor the formation of pattern in real time. It informs the trader when the pattern is completely formed when the price breaks the line in point 2 and displays the completed patterns in history.

The patterns are never redrawn. The indicator can identify patterns on any instruments currency pairs, stock market, gold, etc. The indicator trades during horizontal channel breakthroughs. It searches for prices exceeding extreme points and defines targets using Fibo levels. The indicator allows you to create a horizontal channel between the necessary extreme points in visual mode quickly and easily.

It automatically applies Fibo levels to these extreme points if the appropriate option is enabled in the settings. Breakout Box uses the opening range, e. The EasyTrend is a seemingly simple but quite powerful trend indicator. Everyone has probably come across indicators or Expert Advisors that contain numerous input parameters that are difficult to understand. Here you will not see dozens of input parameters, the purpose of which is only clear to the developer.

Instead, an artificial neural network handles the configuration of the parameters. Input Parameters Alert — if set to true, enables sending audible and text notifications when the tr. A professional version of this indicator is available here. Features An easy to use Panel that shows the Heiken Ashi trend of selected timeframe. The panel can be moved to any place on the chart or minimized to allow more space.

Heikin means "the average", and Ash. Magic Candles FREE is a new unique product that allows identifying the current market phase uptrend, downtrend or flat. This indicator paints bars in different colors depending on the current state of the market and signals the user about trend changes with alerts. Unlimited version can be purchased here: Universal Heiken Ashi is an indicator that calculates Heiken Ashi candles with different smoothing methods.

Indicator settings Profile - predefined profile: HA - Standard Heiken Ashi. Custom - Custom settings. MAType - first smoothing Moving Average type. MAPeriod - period of first Moving Average. MAType2 - second Moving Average.

Color Levels is a convenient tool for traders using a Trendline and a Rectangle in their technical analysis.

It allows setting two empty rectangles, three filled ones, and two tredlines. The indicator parameters are very simple and divided into numbered blocks: The ones beginning with 1 and 2 - empty rectangle frame parameters; 3, 4, and 5 - filled rectangle parameters; 6 and 7 - trendline parameters. Simply click a desired object and it will appear in the upper left corner.

With this system you can spot high-probability trades in direction of strong trends. You can profit from stop hunt moves initiated by the smart money! Important Information How you can maximize the potential of the scanner, please read here: The full version of the indicator can be found her. The ZUP is based on two ideas. Idea 1 - combine a variety of methods for identifying extremums minimums and maximums on the market price charts in a single indicator. Idea 2 - make it possible to easily bind various graphical tools, which allow to analyze the market behavior, to the identified extremums.

To implement the first idea, the following has been made in the indicator. Included multiple ZigZag algorithms.

The basis of this algorithm is taken from th. MA Crossover Arrows is a simple indicator that draws arrows and alerts when two moving averages crossover. When the fast moving average crosses below the slow moving aver. This indicator is designed to detect high probability reversal patterns: This is the FREE version of the indicator: Advanced ideas of the popular MACD indicator: It detects and displays classic and reverse divergences two methods of detecting divergences. It uses different color to highlight an uptrend and a downtrend.

Two methods of determining a trend: This is a multi-timeframe indicator: Two methods of drawing: The indicator looks for buying and selling zones, where a deal can be opened with a minimal stop loss and a better Risk Reward Ratio. The full version of the indicator can be purchased here - https: Market Insider is an excellent indicator for scalping the trend and also trading market breakouts and reversals.

The green trend line and green bars indicates an uptrend and the red trend line and red bars indicates a downtrend. An intensive price breakout of some of the trend lines indicates a market breakout and a potential new opposite trend.

In choppy-range behaving market and in low liquidity conditions the breakout si. This is an implementation of the well known SuperTrend Indicator. With this indicator you can see exactly the same values which will be alerted by the following SuperTrend Scanners: The indicator draws a daily candle on charts having timeframes less than D1. It also shows the sizes of upper and lower shadows, body and the entire candle in points. The product is fast, works in real time, optimized for quotes having 4 and 5 decimal places and can be used in the strategy tester.

Shift - shift from the chart's edge in bars. Can be used on any currency pairs. Not tested on Gold, Silver, and binary options. Best timeframe is H1 This is an efficient tool for both novice and experienced traders. Signal The indicators gives the following 2 specific zones High Zone - the green rectangle in the chart.

If the candlestick closes inside the green rectangle, the price may bounce back and forth inside it until it breaks the re. The ability to see which way the market is heading instantly.

This is a must for all trend traders. Works on all time frames. The indicator plots a trend channel using the technique by Gilbert Raff. The channel axis is a first-order regression. The upper and lower lines show the maximum distance the Close line had moved away from the axis line. Therefore, the upper and lower lines can be considered as resistance and support lines, respectively.

As a rule, most movements of the price occur within a channel, going beyond the support or resistance line only for a short time.

If the price remains outside the channel long. Simple and useful indicator. Pivot Points are used to project potential support and resistance levels. The main time periods used are daily, weekly, and monthly pivots. The formula for the daily pivot point is shown below: CCI measures current price level relative to an average price level over a given period of time. CCI is high when prices are above the average price, and low when the prices are.

The fractal consists of a two sets of arrows - up upper fractals and down lower fractals. Each fractal satisfies the following conditions: Upper fractal - maximum high of a signal bar exceeds or is equal to maximums of all bars from the range to the left and to the right; Lower fractal - minimum low of a signal bar is less or equal to minimums of all bars from the range to the left and to the right. The Relative Strength Index RSI is a well known momentum oscillator that measures the speed and change of price movements, developed by J.

Features Find overbought and oversold situations. The indicator is non-repainting.