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I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for toothpastes and mouthwashes for sensitive teeth? My teeth are especially sensitive to hot and cold. I have yellowish teeth though everyday I brush my teeth yet there is no improvement. My frontal teeth molar and jaws still yellow.

Wait 30 minutes to brush your teeth after consuming acidic foods to avoid damaging your enamel. Research has shown that foods containing citric acid like lemons, oranges, and grape Show All Forum Posts. Emergency Dentistry Services Explained. Each preceding year, lakhs of Americans sustain tooth decay and tooth loss. The tooth can result from disease, decay and aging effects. Tooth loss can have a serious impact on When it come to improving the quality of your smile, there are a few options available.

There's the zirconia crown or PFM , gold-based, and porcelain fused to metal crown. Your teeth have a massive impact on your appearance, as well as your digestion and self-confidence. If you have a complete set of teeth, you will feel more at ease each time yo What are Ceramic Inlays? If you have oral issues such as dental carries, one of the best ways to address this is through ceramic inlays. Your rating has been changed, thanks for rating! New Horizons for Alexander Gerst 29 May Alexander Gerst to be Space Station commander 18 May Alexander Gerst to be Space Station commander 18 May ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst has been assigned a new mission to the International Space Station, where he will fulfil the role of commander during the second part of his six-month mission in Halfway through Blue Dot mission 18 September Blue Dot update 15 July Spot the Space Station looking at you 01 July Spot the Space Station looking at you 01 July ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst and five astronauts from America and Russia are flying on the International Space Station km above us — but did you know they are sharing live views of our planet and you can even see their home at night?

Science and spacewalks on Space Station 20 June As he grows accustomed to floating in weightlessness, he has been busy learning about his new home, taking over experiments, drawing blood, keeping fit and Expedition 40 all set to go 26 May Expedition 40 all set to go 26 May From unusual training to upholding cherished traditions, everything is being done to ensure that ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst and his crewmates arrive at the International Space Station on Thursday safely and in good health — including being flipped Alexander Gerst ready for orbit 09 May Ask astronaut Alexander anything 11 March Announcing Blue Dot mission logo 22 September