A.E.K. (sports club)

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After the war, with the influx of mainly French and British soldiers to Constantinople, many of the city clubs participated in regular competition with teams formed by the foreign troops. Am J Clin Pathol ; Predictive value of telomerase reverse transcriptase expression in patients with high risk superficial bladder cancer treated with adjuvant BCG immunotherapy. AEK is an amateur multi-sports club with the mission to create and advance as many sports as it is possible and its main professional and semiprofessional teams operate independently.

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The first coach of the club spent five years on the team's bench, and was unpaid, Kostas Andreadis. The first professional contract was signed by the club on 5 September The contract was signed by Dr. PAOK changed their emblem, adopted the two-headed eagle , took over the installations of AEK Thessaloniki including the syntrivani area.

The eagle symbolizes the origins of the club in the former Byzantine capital, Constantinople , and the legacy of the Greek refugees from the Ottoman Empire. The remarkable team included: The club's traditional colours are black, as sadness for the Asia Minor Catastrophe of and the end of the Greek presence in Anatolia, and white as hope for recovery. The current symbol since is the two-headed eagle.

Under the leadership of Ivan Savvidis a gold stripe was added to the crest of the FC, as a symbol of glory and renaissance of the club. They support all the teams within the PAOK Sports Society, wearing the club's colors and symbols and maintaining firms all over Greece. Gate 4 gave its name to the oldest PAOK fan club, founded in In the night of 4 October a road accident took place in the Vale of Tempe , Thessaly , with 6 fans of the team killed.

An annual ceremony takes place since then. The biggest rivalry is against Olympiacos and second with Aris. The rivalry started in the s when Olympiacos tried, and failed, to sign Giorgos Koudas , one of the best players of his time, from PAOK.

POLE mutations as an alternative pathway for microsatellite instability in endometrial cancer: Nucleotide excision repair NER alterations as evolving biomarkers and therapeutic targets in epithelial cancers. Complications of pelvic radiation in patients treated for gynecologic malignancies. Sublethal concentrations of AAG suppress homologous recombination DNA repair and enhance sensitivity to carboplatin and olaparib in HR proficient ovarian cancer cells.

PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer: Gynecol Oncol ; Immunohistochemical loss of BRCA1 protein in uterine serous carcinoma. Int J Gynecol Pathol ; Identification of ribonucleotide reductase M2 as a potential target for pro-senescence therapy in epithelial ovarian cancer.

Cell Cycle ; J Clin Oncol ; Copy neutral loss of heterozygosity is more frequent in older ovarian cancer patients.

Genes Chromosomes Cancer ; Safety and outcome of patients treated with a modified outpatient intraperitoneal regimen for epithelial ovarian, primary peritoneal or fallopian tube cancer.

Current status and evolution of preclinical drug development models of epithelial ovarian cancer. A microRNA activity map of human mesenchymal tumors: BMC Genomics ; Keap1 mutations and Nrf2 pathway activation in epithelial ovarian cancer. Integrated analysis of multiple microarray datasets identifies a reproducible survival predictor in ovarian cancer. Gene expression profile of BRCAness that correlates with responsiveness to chemotherapy and with outcome in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer.

The Italian team eventually won the trophy. The relevant department of AEK was inactive for almost 23 years — Since , AEK also has a women's volley club team, which has advanced to the final of the Greek Cup The biggest success for the boxing department came in the late s, with Tigran Ouzlian , Arthur Mikaelian and Mike Arnaoutis who became a professional boxer in the United States. The department of AEK Futsal Club was established in by a merger with Enosi Geraka futsal team and participated in B'Ethniki second division , where it finished 1st at the regular season and 2nd after play-off games.

AEK Futsal Club terminated at second position of B'Ethniki after play-off games in April and gained the participation in A'Ethniki first division for the period —11 and has now been advanced to the semi-finals of the Greek Cup The department staffed directly by September 3, is a member of the Greek Chess Federation.

In participated at A' Ethniki 1st Division and took the 7th place. The races held 9—10 March in the closed Nea Liosia and AEK lost in the semi-final by Cuneo, but won 3—1 Galatasaray in the small final and won the 3rd place. Also, in , the handball team reached the final of Challenge Cup. Since the club's foundation AEK adopted the image of a double-headed eagle on a golden yellow background. The emblem and colours were chosen as a reminder for the lost homelands and they represent the club's historical ties to Constantinople.

Its usage also survived as a decorative element in the Greek Orthodox Church , which was the inheritor of the Byzantine legacy during the Ottoman Empire, while it remained a popular symbol among Greeks. In modern Greece various variations of the two-headed eagles are used in Church flags based on Byzantine flag patterns and heraldic emblems and officially by the Hellenic Army ; the bird found also its way into the Greek coat of arms for a brief period in — AEK is an amateur multi-sports club with the mission to create and advance as many sports as it is possible and its main professional and semiprofessional teams operate independently.

The club has teams in many sports, including athletics , cycling , boxing , chess , fencing , table tennis , wrestling , weightlifting , gymnastics , swimming , water polo , tennis , badminton , rugby , taekwondo and brazilian jiu-jitsu , but its most popular teams primarily compete in association football , basketball , volleyball , handball and futsal.

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