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Find out what an ontology is. Added value Your benefit of a job ontology. Experts for talent matching services. What is an ontology? A job ontology carries highly valuable information in the domain of job markets. Search for "Head of HR". Added value of ontology based job searches.

That is why the job ontology with its vast resource of stored terminology including job titles, skills, required certificates and soft skills help users in obtaining all necessary details Verified Vocabulary — The use of a verified vocabulary together with an autocompleting function ensures that users receive all results relevant for their search.

SEO — The vast amount of relevant synonyms is a powerful asset for Search Engine Optimization Anonymization — An ontology allows for a smart anonymization of data, such as a CV-database. Who can benefit from an ontology based system?

By Richard Van Noorden 24 May The hydrogen would be burned as fuel, but the carbon dioxide would be captured and piped back to the oilfield, avoiding 90 per cent of the carbon emissions normally created by fossil fuels.

BP spokesperson David Nicholas said the proposal had a huge advantage over other carbon capture projects. As the Miller oilfield was coming to the end of its life, it already had empty pipelines through which carbon dioxide might be pumped offshore. But there was a limited window of opportunity to keep the oilfield alive before the project became too technically and economically challenging, said Nicholas.

Nicholas said BP appreciated that the government had to go through a steady and open competition process to choose the best CCS proposal. Well, it had a lead. A spokesperson for the Department of Trade and Industry said the government were disappointed that BP had decided to withdraw, but that timetables had always been very clear. Slow progress was perhaps inevitable, given the tricky regulatory hurdles that have to be overcome to establish a full-scale CCS plant.

It was only this year that the UN maritime organisation allowed greenhouse gases to be buried under the seabed in oceans across the world, under amendments to the London Convention on dumping waste at sea. Outstanding regulatory issues, said Haszeldine, were deciding who owned the carbon dioxide after it had been stored underground, so a private company was clear how long it remained liable for the gas.

Another was deciding the price of electricity from a more expensive carbon capture plant. And he pointed out that the government could move fast when it wanted to - on deciding to back new nuclear power stations, for example.

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