Amt (country subdivision)

The amt plural, amter ; commonly translated as "province" or, less accurately, "county" was an administrative unit of Denmark and, historically, of Denmark-Norway. Articles to be expanded from July All articles to be expanded Culture articles needing translation from German Wikipedia All stub articles. View a machine-translated version of the German article. Greek terms for country subdivisions.

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In Germany an Amt was a medieval administrative district covering a manorial estate or the land owned by a castle or village. It was headed by an Amtmann , usually a lesser nobleman or cleric, appointed by a territorial lord to administer and dispense justice within the Amt. Ambacht can be seen as the Dutch equivalent to amt.

Ambachten existed in Holland , Zeeland and Flanders up to about While Iceland was a territory of the Danish-Norwegian realm, amts singular: From to , Iceland as whole was a single amt in the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway but was then split into two amts: Iceland was thus divided into three amts until , when the South and West amts were again merged.

Amts were abolished in , when Iceland gained home rule from Denmark. Amts are not used to denote a geographical region in Iceland but the name lives on in the names of two public libraries in Iceland that were established during the amt era. The Amts libraries in Akureyri and Stykkishólmur which were established as the designated archives for the North and East Amt and the West Amt respectively. From to , the counties of Norway were called amter. They are now referred to as fylker , a term revived from the Middle Ages.

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