CTFC Forex Brokers Regulation

Guidelines for CFTC Regulated Brokers. What does it take to become a CFTC regulated forex broker? Some of the revised rules for CFTC regulated brokers come from the provisions a law known as the Dodd-Frank Wall .

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Establishing the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)

Information for Customers. The CFTC website gives clear instruction to market participants on many aspects. For example, they educate the customers on the U.S. futures market with an emphasis on different frauds that are to be found in the market.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Read our Privacy Policy. Traders must close their oldest transactions first whenever they have more than one position open on the same currency pair; - leverage restriction: Broker Country Platforms Min. SEC charges two individuals for participating in a Ponzi-like scheme Sep 07 Aug 01 Latest forex brokers Prime X Club review - Is primexclub.

Invert Plus review - Is invertplus. PremiumTradesMarkets Review - is premiumtradesmarkets. PBN Invest Review - is pbninvest. Capital Group review - Is capital The Commission consists of five members elected by the President for a five-year term. The members have to be approved by the Senate. One out of the five is elected as the Chairman. The CFTC consists of four divisions: It also makes risk assessment analyses. Swap Dealer and Intermediary Oversight: As in every organizational or government body that needs to ensure integrity, transparency plays one of the key factors in the CFTC.

One of the best ways to prove transparency is by keeping the public informed. The CFTC publishes information during the meetings of the Commission and the Chairman, providing topics of the meeting, briefings, and the list of attendees. They regularly body issues weekly, monthly, and annual reports which are publicly accessible. The CFTC regulated brokers are subject to these reports and you can find all the information concerning their broker companies.

They rate their work and inform the public of their activities. The CFTC website gives clear instruction to market participants on many aspects. For example, they educate the customers on the U. They provide updates on disciplinary actions taken against some of the companies they regulate.

They also instruct the market participants how to file a claim in case they notice suspicious activity. By keeping a check list of all companies that committed some illegal actions they inform customers and the wider public on companies that should be avoided.

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