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Towel underneath me just in case it leaks. I don't have time for full soaks. Have tub, but no time. All I can say is Wow. For the last year I have been doing ice cold showers following my regular morning shower.

But I'd been focusing on the legs, arms and face. My legs and arms look pretty toned, but my back and belly area still look horrid. After reading the blog before this one, I decided this morning to include the belly and lower back.

I stayed in the cold shower until I was good and red. Then I went about my day. At 6 pm tonight, it hit me out of the blue that I had forgotten to eat today. It's been decade s since that has happened! Another odd thing was by the time I realized I'd forgotten to eat, I was quite shaky and feeling like a blood sugar crash. I have not experienced that feeling since I changed to a paleo diet.

Glamorama, I'm thinking of modifying some "belly bands" that can be worn around the midsection, that utilize those blue ice freezer blocks. My daughter has a couple of belly bands she bought when pregnant, it's basically a compression garment. Prior to eating paleo, I spent many hours in frigid temps running a trapline, snowmachining, icefishing, etc… I got frost bite and hypothermia regularly.

Also, during this time I had untreated sleep apnea, hypothyroid, high bp, high chol, gout, and fatty liver disease. My diet sucked, I drank a lot, and didn't exercise.

The cold, however, made me 'not hungry', but as soon as I'd get home and warmed up, I'd be ravenous…pigging out on carbs and getting drunk were normal. I still notice being really cold kills any hint of appetite, but now have the skills to eat right when I get home.

I regularly work out bodyweight stuff and treadmill in minimally heated, 40 deg, garage. I am definitely going to follow this topic and incorporate the cold into my workouts more.

Wear a water tight warm neoprene top when cold adapting. They sell these wet suit tops for females. Right now, I'm wearing something I usually only wear in the summertime when motorcycling, my evaporative cooling vest, that had been soaking in 40f water. Half an hour later, it's still cold to the touch, in my 65f room. It's cheap, it's reusable, it's quick to prep, and I suspect it'll be moderately effective, based on the amount of shivering I'm doing. It also lets me be mobile, rather than confined to a tub.

Granted, it's not full body, but the material is cheap enough that a creative person with a good sewing machine could make an evaporative long sleeve blouse and a pair of trousers fairly cheaply. Here's an example of a cheap one similar to what I'm wearing: Oh, I should mention, it is wet and will drip, so I do have some issues, such as a damp computer chair.

In Scandinavia the Polar dipping is quite popular. Most of the time this is done from the Sauna, then going back to the Sauna.

Usually the dip to to freezing water does not last more than few seconds to a few minutes at most. Would this be also effective cold therapy? Would the Sauna negate the effects of the polar dipping? Is the idea to get the body to an almost like hypothermia state, or is it only to "shock" the body with cold?

Do we have any research on this, is actual body temperature lowering required or is a shock just as effective? There is tons of data but shocking the body wont induce the epigenetic program. It will make you feel better on a short term basis. I have contemplated having breast reduction surgery. K what if you have metal in your body.. You maybe shocked to hear this but there is a plastic surgery proceedure that does this using a version of what i laid out here called zeltiq!

I know one women who tried to use it to reduce a right breast after it enlarged due to a pituitary tumor to rebalance out her breasts again.

The internal plate should not be an issue unless you really got into this deep……i doubt most will who do this. I have been waiting all winter for the lake to freeze so i can swim under the ice but its not gotten cold enough here but for the last two days.

I can definitely start off the day with step 1, but was curious if some other methods would work too, albeit probably not as well as your protocol, but I'd be able to do them more consistently.

Then over the course of a couple of weeks, remove the gloves and the hat. The run would be at a good pace and last minutes. Lastly, this would all lead up to and prepare me for morning swims in the pool once it opens in a few months.

I'd imagine that it would be around degrees around then. While it isn't exactly ice water, I'd think that it would still help. Also, I'd shoot to wear less clothing in general during the winter. After just two cold showers one on Thursday night and one on Friday morning I noticed that I was very warm at work on Friday.

My face was so warm that I had to drink some ice water to cool off. Do you think this plan makes sense and would elicit some of the benefits that we're going for? I'll never forget in I was with a traveling group of college students in Moscow. But when our bus pulled alongside Moscow University, there was a group of men running without any shirts on…in the middle of a sub-zero winter.

I live in a cold climate but I found this fascinating so I followed up with our guide who put me in touch with one of trainees…. He said they had built up their tolerance and ran shirtless 3x per week…I just never understood how they did it until now…Great, crazy work Dr.

While I have been wearing less clothing around the house recently, my hands usually get the coldest still have full function though, just cold to the touch while at the same time my face usually feels warm and it feels good to step outside into the cold. As I get more cold adapted, should I expect my hands and feet to feel less cold and maybe even warm? Also, is there a mental part of this? In watching videos of Wim Hof, he uses meditation to combat the cold, should we be thinking in a certain way while doing this?

The Russian Army has some of the best data i have seen on cold thermogenic training. It is hard to find in english but with google translator now nothing is a tough find when you seek to get better.

Their cold water artic dive data is just amazing. They had divers who routinely went into frozen solid water in a swim trunk only and dove 70 meters to spear fish without any oxygen. They filled their lungs and thorax cavities with their own plasma with long training and never got hypothermia or decompression illness. They also were deployed to nuclear subs for inspection in western siberia……. At the extremes i think meditation helps huge. But just cold adaptations alone work.

My hof has never been given an explanation by science at how he can do it but i soon will here. Its less about meditation and more about inducing an epigenetic program we no longer express because we our not adapted to it now therefore it is not naturally selected for in the modern world. I like your plan but imagine it would take too long to adapt.

Doing it in air is a lot less effective than in water submerged. The thermal dumping effect is 24 times greater. I promise the improvements in function are astounding. Thanks for the info and all of your wisdom that you share with us. Did the zeltiq work for your friend? Swim under the ice?! Sounds good, thanks for pointing that out. I'll stick with the facial plunge, cold showers and putting ice on my abdomen over a compression shirt when I can.

Hopefully this will prepare me for early morning swims in the spring. I'm really looking forward to getting to the point where I radiate heat. I was wondering if you vary or plan to vary in the future on a seasonal basis, either due to day length change or just seasonal temperature fluctuation?

Also, you mentioned keeping one room of your house cold, but how warm is the rest of your house during winter heating months? Lastly, many thanks for taking so much time to respond to the multitude of individual questions.

I realize this takes time to do, but it also adds a whole new dimension to the discussion! Rodney my wine cellar is degrees my house is 68 But i turn off all heat at sunset and usually light a fire in my sitting room as I read.

In winter I am a cold lover. In summer I use a a lot of ice and I also use cold water in the tub and pool…….

Just thinking out loud here, but would another path be to use a tub with cold water and a compression shirt and then start to add ice as one gets used to the temp?

So that you eventually get to the point where you can take an ice bath? Sorry, that last post question reads too vague. I meant do you vary your cold therapy in terms of frequency, duration, exposure temperature, etc. Eating breakfast in a thin nightgown on a 22 degree but wonderfully sunny, which seems to make all the difference in how much cold I can tolerate deck as I write this … Was 45 degrees the first time two weeks ago and 37 last week, and now 22 feels fine.

Only my fingers are cold. I'll wear gloves next time if I want to type lol. I'd love to be pointed to more info on how thermogenesis helps chronic pain patients. Has anyone successfully done this clinically yet? Might cold confuse it, like light at night? I have not said why I am doing it and you can bet it was not for LR. I have different reasons because of what I have found from the metabolic trap door.

What were your results — how much fat have you lost in the last 18 months of this cold experiment, in fat percentage and weight? Owl……Im not doing it for fat. There is something I have not told ya yet……and wont for a few months. Im just getting warmed……im mean cooled down now. I work as a psychotherapist with highly engaging emotionally strenuous settings with patients. I found by accident that I can easily relax and find quick tranquility and relief from emotional stress, after submerging myself in a cold bath minutes.

This works better than anything else I have tried meditation, running, gym etc. Werner I promise you before the month is out you will have a post on the biochemistry and the mechanism……. Many people want me to stay away from the science yet when I unleash a post like this one the first thing someone asks for is the biochemistry of WHY! I love that your asking because my business partners and publishers think I need to remove all the science from my post and books and dumb it down.

That is not my style……….. Maybe if enough people weigh in on this Rob B. I would suspect it would be quite simple to provide the basic how to's for people who don't like the details, but then add on the good stuff for us geeks! Maybe just have chapter synopsis at the end of each chapters to hit the bullet points without the details.

Good for later reference too. Do you recommend an online site for self omega-6 testing? Just google for the answer. I think Rob B. They are quite creative……me I am just the content maker. I like to think with my science eye. I do not think like most people………at least that is what my wife says.

There is a cosmetic procedure called cool sculpting. Are you familiar with it? Does this procedure use the same principles? I just looked it up…….. So yes I do know quite a bit about it and reference it in my book. It will also be in my Factor X talk on Jimmy Moore's cruise. They have a lot more to do with what to do after the Leptin Rx. Ironically we have no special metabolic trap doors for intense heat and the reason for it is because evolution for mammals has never had to face that problem.

But evolution has faced the issue at geothermal vents in the bottom of the oceans and it has a plan there. But those are not mammalian based descendants so their evolutionary fractal plan uses a different metabolic footprint.

Please keep up the science. There is only one shot to get it right the first time in print. Let other people raise their game instead of you lowering yours. What another poster said was absolutely correct: Keep the science…even hardcore science if you'd like, but then add in simplistic bullet point synopses during and at the end of each chapter. Many layman and textbooks do this with good effect. Anyway what people really care about even the hardcore biochemistry geeks are practical implementation guides.

As long as that is included there should be no "problems" with the science. I am a numbers and charts guy. Is there a way to accuartely measure the metabolic increase after cold exposure? Without it, it all seems anecdotal. But each person can test these on their own and begin to post and share responses here. The only place I seem to have trouble losing weight is in my upper arms. Would using ice on the upper arms induce cold adaptation that would benefit that isolated area on a persons body?

I truly enjoy all of your posts. I do try to understand the bio-chemistry, put bullet points sure would be helpful.

I have a difficult time with comprehension when I read, but I give it a good effort. Susan it would help a lot. Losing on the upper arms is pretty easy when you apply the protocol over time. PLEASE keep the science in your book — why in the world publishers think we are ALL dumb and don't care about the why behind the what and how is beyond me, but I am so sick of dumbed down versions of everything.

The idea of the bullet point summary of each chapter for those who don't want to go in depth is a good one,but please tell your partners that we are not stupid and are certainly capable of understanding and even desirous of the biochemistry behind all of this. I hate cold but I am warming up to this idea! Should one avoid or restrict a hot bath? A hot bath before sleep makes me very relaxed. Mart I still turn the tub up…….

Yes I realized after my question it was probably zeltiq. I will buy it asap! Brenda I have written a book and am now working on book two and three……..

I am speaking on Jimmy Moore's low carb cruise that leaves in May. You can go to his site and see all about the details. So basically escaping winter altogether!! At first it was horrid, but after that it felt pretty good. Does the ice have to lay directly on the body? Can one simply empty a bag of ice into the tub and stir it around? D the skin temp is the key……experiment with it. In the beginning you wont begin to be able to stay in there long enough.

I adapted quite quick but I think it was because I have always been somewhat cold adapted from when I was kid in harsh winters and poor clothing. I have been a follower of Arthur Devany for quite a while and eagerly awaited the publication of his book in Dec Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed when I read the book because it was obviously dumbed down—many of his blogs were significantly more scientifically rigorous than what ended up in the book.

Keep the book as scientifically rigorous as your blogs! Meanwhile, since August, I have been religiously following your blog. I love all aspects of it—the science, the RXs, the teasers of providing future wisdoms and insights, and the dialog with your readers.

I check your website several times each day on the hope that you have published new wisdom. I eagerly await publication of your book s.

And, now, to the cold and onward. Randall I appreciate this comment. I am struggling now with this issue and I think I am going to go a new route with my books…….. You might hate this question — but if one has a nice amount of belly fat and love handles that are stubborn, would there be any benefit or harm in doing an ice bath likes this 5 to 7 days a week?

I had a slight cold and did a 15 minute on Friday and am looking forward to doing another one tomorrow. Btw, not to be crass — but I had a sudden rise in libido during my warm shower after the ice bath. It was almost creepy — is that normal? Another is writing one that is readable by the masses like Sisson , but still doesn't dumb anything down, and can contain footnotes and bibliography to provide a lot of clarification, sources, and direction for further research like individual posts on this blog that explore subjects further in depth.

My favorite way to teach others something that can be given from many different levels of detail is similar to what I did on this blog post on kombucha: The headers are intentionally much more visible. Honestly, if you write all your books on the level of this blog, most of us will not be able to use them. That doesn't mean leave the science out, but you take it up a level of abstraction or two and more of us can get it. I mean, I graduated magna cum laude in engineering from a top 5 school, but I have brain fog now, and I need more practical tips and less nitty gritty — at least now, to get started off with.

I think mixing the "bold headers with details under the heading" approach with a separate book for the scientists and researchers that is just chock-full of all the jargon appeals to me most. MomaGrok……one of my patients told me today that I need to Vlog……. I should have married her then. LOL, she said when she comes to see me she just records the whole thing……….

She asks me about all her medical problems but she has recovered from an amazing story that I will be telling live at Paleo Fx in Austin. Definitely capitalize on the increase hormones! They can't do much if they are just floating around accept make you horny. Monte I agree Monte……not only that the widespread effects of oxytocin and orgasm on the brain lengthen telomeres too. This English major's brain gets fried by all the science, but I love the challenge. Count this as another plea to keep the science in your book.

Might take longer to get there but it also might be more doable for some of us. Great post, again and please do keep the science in, you make science fun again. And this way you attract a high level o commenters who make you look even better! Thumbs up for all of you. Chiming in on the science of your books; I'm not dumb, but nor am I a science graduate.

I love reading your blogs but I have toa dmit the really scientific part of it goes way over my head. I manage to pull out the info I need, and I apply that to my life, but I really want to read your books too… but I think I would struggle if it wasn't at least slightly editted for the "common" man.

Your stuff is so brilliant and educational, that keeping it "lighter" will ensure you reach a wider audience. You can do like Nora Gougodes and Robb Wolff, just go thick on the cites so people that are very interested can go an look up the actual research-papers, articles and books.

Are you planning any seminars in Australia? And I meant summa cum laude; I can't even remember Latin anymore! Darn brain fog, curses…. In the case of someone with hypothyroidism treated by dessicated thyroid or, God forbid, synthetic T4 or T3, is the thermoregulation mechanism the same as for people with healthy thyroids?

I'm thinking that since the thyroid increases T4 output to speed up the metabolism, if one relies on supplemented T4, they won't be able to get the full benefit of cold therapy. Cold rewires thermogenic response in the thyroid awfully quick. Hi Dr Kruse, Mark's site is still down; I hope you don't mind me asking for help here. My 53yr husband is attempting to find the cause of intermittent, brief dizzy episodes for the last year or so.

Not diagnostic for demyelination. Most likely represent chronic small vessel ischaemic change. Doc is worried it's MS, referred to Neuro. We've followed your Leptin Rx for 3 months, he's lost 10kg, 6'4" now I know he has a leaky gut, and we're working on that. His trigs have continued to fall: Doc suggested aspirin and statins — no thanks. His ferritin in November was , it's gone up to , range He's taking all your recommended supps.

Should we stop them to see if he's reacting to something in there? Oh, and the dizziness is much more pronounced in the dark, and isn't brought on by movement; it can happen when he's upright or seated. He says it feels like fainting, but he doesn't faint.

ECG stress test — normal. He's had extremely limited sight in one eye since birth, nothing wrong with the eye, back then, doc's couldn't explain the 'missing connection'. Thankyou for any thoughts you may have. You need to max our K2 and D3 and I think looking at Terry Wahl's diet make a ton of sense for a cure. This blog post is additive to the Leptin Rx and is an evolution extension of it for those who need it. This blog is designed for those who have been previously left out of the the reset protocol.

My husband recently had procedure where the fat on his gut was frozen, and he is expected to lose some fat from this area in the next few months.

This post really pricked my ears up. We had already started dropping the temp in the house to 64 a few hours before sleep, and started sleeping in less clothing and noticed an improvement almost straight away.

I am so tempted to put my bikini on and roll around in the snow for a while after reading this. I have a pair of compression panty hose, so I might have a go at shoving bags of ice or the blue ice block down them, cold showers and cold baths. How soon would you recommend applying cold directly to the thyroid area? Shelley you do need to put it on your thyroid area……. Being a foggy-headed Lymie, I sometimes struggle with the hard science but I love the details anyway.

I like the way you warn us a brainburnin' is comin', lay in out in solid terms, and then give a practical, real-world example or two on why is is that way. And even throwing in a cuss word every once in a while lends a feeling of you're actually a real person. When I first started reading your work, words like autophagy and dysbiosis were mysteries. You look them up and learn them. After a while you get a feel for what is going on. That inspires us to go do these "new" ways of establishing balance because even though we don't understand all the intricacies of the science, we are sure that you do.

It always comes thru in your passion about all this. That gives we newb's a gentle nudge to read it over and over until it sinks in a bit. Keep your style in your books. FInd a way to balance the science with practical matters to do what we need to do to do….

Martin Many of you who read feel this way……. K, did you catch what Mercola's leading headline was this morning? Momagrok One of his producers is a reader of this blog…….. Im fine with that. Now Mercola's on the bandwagon. Got an email this AM with this link http: I looked at the study about drinking ice water raising metabolism that you link above the link is corrupt, by the way, too many "http"'s in it.

There is a follow-up study that seems to totally refute it:. Lacking any medical training, which one do I believe? Or better said, why do you give more credibility to the first study and not the second?

Ed NASA has confirmed the results and adjusted the water need for space travel. I think I will go with their clinical experience over that link. That is the real problem with science these days……you can find a paper on both sides of the equation and it leaves the public clueless as what to do. Jack, my background is in training and education. The blog I have found to be most helpful at explaining how to explain things was written by kathy Sierra, who developed the Head First strategy for writing technical books.

She is also the founder of one of the largest community web sites in the world, javaranch. She no longer updates her blog, but maintains it as an archive. For years, it was one of the top blogs on the web. Some links on the site aren't working, but you can find the articles by using the search box. I've put on a nursing compression tank top, and I've strapped two ice packs to my belly — its cold and biting, but its not bad, shooting for mins, before heading out to get some mid day sun while taking the dog for a walk.

I've decide I'm going to have to invest in some more of these flexible gel froze packs…so I can cover more area!!! Would doing a zeltiq cool sculpting session interfere with your protocol? I am schedued for a session for my pregnancy pooch. Can I do both? Thanks for the answer. You are right, we, the general public, don't stand a chance of making intelligent decisions when faced with all the conflicting information.

If a person is able to become "cold adapted" using the technique that you have explained and is successful at using the adaptation to lose weight, as well as obtain the additional benefits, how often would a person have to continue to do this protocol if they continue to be LS?

Once or twice a week or will it continue to even be necessary? Susan it depends upon their variables and goals. For simple weight loss and increasing metabolism times a week for 45 min to an hour is enough. Im shooting for bigger targets so I have a different plan laid out for me. Thankyou for the advice at comment Diet is already tight.

Will add NAC, colostrum and K2. But I have zero problem with that dose. It gives me a rough estimate as a clinician what I am doing to myself as the bio hack progresses. I think it is pretty accurate because I have a lot of labs to compare it to and also with a lot of my variables. It may not fly for a scientific paper but I am not a scientist….. Im a clinician looking to solve clinical problems. So If I have fat on upper arms and thighs to lose, you'd recommend an icy bath for minutes or as long as I can stand it a few times a week or would just a cold shower do enough?

Is sitting outside in the cold for breakfast and underdressing for the cold on the way to the train considered supplemental? I do not buy into supplements for long term use. I buy it to reverse course for a small amount of time. We are adapted to eat real protein and fat.

Offal is my favorite supplement……. I have worn a HR monitor when freezing my ass off, and didn't really see the delta that seems to match the expected caloric burn. Doubly labeled water and metabolic chamber to test more generally? Seems like a good dis for a doctoral candidate in physiology?

I was going to ask Cronise when I had him for a guest on a radio show back in November, but did not get to it. GG I agree with you……. I came up with my own equation that I came up with using my theories and those of one of my exercise physiologists who does my VO2 max…….

I think it is accurate because it has a lot of predictive value based upon my own lab testing and spot variables. TO do it for a thesis it would have to be clean…….. Since I am using this as a Q self personal platform I do not suffer from the same rigor. Over the past week I've tripled my exposure time to cold water. Some of the things I've noticed is I heat up in the middle of the night but not in a hot flashy kind of way ; my appetite seems to be less, my sleep has increased by an hour and I have very good energy.

The only odd thing I've noticed is an itchy sensation on my buttocks? LisaAPB all you said make biologic sense and I can explain them all except the itch behind………. Doc I am looking forward to the rest of this series and certainly have some questions about the biochemistry but Ill let ya get the info out before I ask them. On the other hand I do have some questions about leptin signaling in general. I also read that Triglicerides will block leptin at the blood brain barrier, My first question is is that where all of the leptin gets blocked or does some of the blocking occur directly at the hypothalamus.

My second question has to relate to the hypothalmic response. From most of your writing I get that it is either a on or off type of response. I personally would guess that it is a more graded type response but I dont know. Or is it that once there is enough leptin making it to the hypothalamus it responds period.

If you could clarify a bit I would appreciate it. I started with the ice bath to my face this morning. I was able to stay in the ice water for about 15 full seconds.

I dried my face and decided I could probably go a bit longer so I put my face back in the water and came out in a hurry. With the second exposure so soon after the first one my face began to feel like it was burning as soon as I went into the water.

I will try again tomorrow. Kruse for you response to my previous question. I have another, however, is it necessary for me to do the core body adaptation before I attempt it with my upper arms? Wow — used 20 lbs and did a soak for 45 minutes. I did notice that I went from shivering to almost sleepy and then shivering to sleepy, was very interesting. How about the warm-up phase?

After a good cold soak, does it matter how fast you warm yourself back up? It does depending upon your goal………for fat loss this process matter little if you are using air or water to do it. V If your read my leaky gut Rx blog you will see precisely what I think about glutathione.

In oral form it is a waste of money beause it is not absorbed. The best way to get it is directly IV in a lipid medium. And second best way to get it biologically is from its precursor NAC. The third best is from BCCA.

So if you think increasing your intake of BCCA is the best way…….. Do I think Art is helping himself by doing this? As we age the los of glutathione steepens tremendously as does the loss of pregnenolone and GH. Art is doing things systematically to try to lessen the slope of his decline. Okay … I don't have a thermometer that goes down to What temp do you suppose that might be? I plunged my face in and kept it there pretty easily till 30 sec passed and I needed a breath.

I don't know if being able to do it that easily means it wasn't cold enough, or that I really needed it. I felt a strong intuitive sense before I did it that I would really love the experience of a cold face, and I did. I feel better now afterward. What do you think — not cold enough, or just what I needed, and time to move to stage 2. Went to bed really cold and woke up pretty refreshed at almost 4 lbs lighter.

Doesn't usually happen when I have 2 bacon rich meals the day before. I am actually looking forward to another bath tomorrow — the wifey has banned me from messing up her Valentine's Day with an ice bath. I'd like to do this quite often, as in 5 or 6 days a week. I totally can see myself spending a couple of hundred bucks on this over the next two months if it pulls my weight down but would the equivalent of those thermal blue ice packs work?

This is off topic, but you mentioned Tim Ferris above. I assume you are familiar with the "4 Hour Body"? In that book, Tim describes his "Slow Carb Diet" which is low carb, high protein. But once per week, the author has a "Dieters Gone Wild" day in which he eats anything he wants, e.

Tim says "Paradoxically, dramatically spiking caloric intake in this way once per week increases fat loss by ensuring that your metabolic rate thyroid function, etc.

Pat slow carb diet is a waste if your LR. Tim is certainly not LR and neither are most of the people finding success with his ideas. We are specifically dealing with LR folks here.

You can make your own reusable ice packs fairly easy for around 30 cents a piece. Tim Ferris links to this how to guide in his book:.

Use the industrial foods that got you sick in the first place and risk going back there. And if you've ever been a binger, you absolutely must never do that. Carb cycle on moderate levels with primal carbs and not high levels of even primal sweeteners honey, maple, etc.

Allow unlimited SAD foods? It's a very very good thing though. I want to heal my body and if you didn't explain the science behind it then I might be wondering if you really know what you are talking about which clearly you do. I don't understand much of the science, but as I continue to read and re-read blog posts as well as the comments then everything starts to make more sense in how it all fits together.

For example take the past couple posts. I have no desire to be cold because I'm cold all the time, but because you took the time to explain why it's good to be cold, now I have a desire to try it. Johnlyn the blog and website are getting ready for a radical overhaul so I this is a good comment because my web team is reading all that you are saying to make your experience her better than it was before. LOL, just noticed I said primal claws instead of primal carbs above.

Was looking at "bear claws" while typing, I guess! So I put my compression pantyhose on and put ice packs against my skin for an hour. Did I get freezer burn? Cavemem you can do both……. K said pink or red is good; white is bad. Read here for more: K says to be sure and check your skin color throughout this process. You must pay attn to your skin. I plan on doing the Leptin reset and if I must brrrr! Unfortunately I do not have a tub, just a shower. Should I begin getting used to the cold in the steps you have outlined above now, or wait until I am done with the HCG?

Second, what is the best way to achieve the cold benefits with out a tub? Would I put the ice on the places I want to lose weight or all over? We are house hunting now and BAT big ass tub is on my must have list! Thanks MamaGrok, God I do feel very foolish.

I went to the doctor and they had a look at it. I have a hardish area area where the pack was, the whole area is reddish and warm and it is swollen, not a lot of discomfort tbh, the occasional tingle. Am taking ibuprofen just to help inflammation. Other leg is absolutely fine, back to normal!! I wanted to pass along a cold training method I tried today that might be good for others as an intermediate step before full water immersion. I swim for exercise, so after my pool swim workout I took a cold shower to rinse off and cold soak my compression-style swimsuit and shirt jammer and rash guard.

I then lightly covered up with a thin nylon track suit and headed outside for a walk in the cold. My thought, based on what you suggested, was the wet compression clothes would improve conduction and evaporative cooling over just dry or no clothing.

It felt great afterward, and I did have the red skin I was looking for. The temperature was on the balmy side at 50 degrees, so I'm looking forward to trying in colder temps. Obviously one has to pay attention to skin color here as well, but this was very easy to implement and very time efficient.

I just want to say I am not normally this stupid, and take full responsibility for my idiocy. I just want to get started trying to 'fix myself' since I have had precious little help from the medical community in doing so.

This is sometimes how people hurt themselves, by getting ahead of themselves so desperate to find some answers.

Its quite swollen and hard in the middle area, and hot, its tingling now and I am aware of it, its also a bit numb to the touch. Luckily I have my annual medical first thing tomorrow morning, so they can have another look at it then. I am a bit freaked out to be honest.

This is all very interesting. After reading this I recall chuckling to my self thinking, "This is crazy. In addition, given what most people think of those of us near 70; when my family hears I take cold baths, eat bacon, and go out without my winter jacket I've got to have a good explanation. Thanks for writing about how what works for reproduction may not work for anti-aging.

This is very helpful to me. This is so different from what I've learned that I have to have this level of study to take it in. I think I'm in good shape to start the cold tx.

I've done HCG and been on paleo ketogenic for about 6 weeks, weight is stable. I eat am and pm with no hunger in between. The supplements suggested by you are in the mail to me. I will have results of the labs at the end of the week. I'll be 70 in a month and was looking for something to mark the day. The cold bath should do it. Besides, I'm kind of enjoying the double takes when I tell people how old I am. My stamina is much better but still not up to where I'd like it.

Will this process help? Trunk skin still needs tightening up due to the weight loss. Terry One thing I can promise you………I will tell why I think what i do…….

I will never leave you hanging. In my previously life as a surgeon I was devastingly good at conventional wisdom canned responses and performing the duties that most surgeons are taught to do and schooled to believe are the standard of the care……..

Until it dawns on you one day that the thousands that you impacted may not have been made better by your tools……. Much of what I learned about Optimal living I did not learn in med school or residency.

I learned about it by becoming a victim of the that CW myself. From that experience and failure, I learned that what I was taught was not always what was best…………that was the day I went from being just good…….. Now I am striving for optimal in all I do and touch. If I can do it for me……. I can share it with you. I am now on your team…………. I have a lot more explanations for you……. Impressive what you have done merging latest bleeding edge science on nutrition, weight management, desease and health in general.

Are there any short term risks on catching a cold by doing cold exposure procedures? Would it be wise to supplement with Vitamin C while starting?

Now I understand why aboriginal people from where I live Chile's Patagonia could live on shellfish swimming in super cold waters Celsius with no protection at all year round. I remember reading they even had body temperature adapted to it. Horacio I love this nugget you threw in at the end…….

The humans who live at the poles of our planet…….. I will tell you why that is the case using an ancient evolutionary fact. You do not catch a cold by cold exposure. In fact cold adaptation strengthens immunity by up regulating Vitamin D production and facilitating the conversion of LDL cholesterol to pregnenolone. Cold up regulates every known steroid pathway in human physiology. That fact right there should be a major tell to why this adaptation was once critical to us all.

Over time, evolution, through the rigors of natural selection allowed us to move away from this adaptation to conquer our planet using other metabolic programs. A cold is caused by a virus and not by exposure so worry not…….. Loved your question by the way. OK so if leptin is released by the frigid fat cells then i suspect all the other stuff comes out as well , such as estrogens???

It is natures way for detoxifying the entire system. Then that explains my email to you dont it: Dr Roberts will do my labs tomorrow, i suspect i may need to up my Aromataze inhibitors. Just realized this post was here today, fantastic, thank you.

Totally get the compression shirt thing now—also a tight shirt i good to hold the ice packs in if you can't be totally still. I remember distinctly my physics prof wondered in class one day why more people didn't just do a "cold, naked" diet. Some of the water-soluble conjugates are excreted via the bile duct, and partly reabsorbed after hydrolysis from the intestinal tract. This enterohepatic circulation contributes to maintaining estradiol levels.

Jon as usual you are stitching the quilt of primal knowledge. You keep this up and your road to Optimal will be built for you to walk over……….. I don't understand much in this paper, but I bet it explains part of why cold adaptation is really good. Kruse, recent T2 diagnosis and for the last month or so, experiencing low body temp.

Had thyroid tests and seem ok there. I think its stress induced adrenal issues but my Dr. Have the diabetes heading in the right direction with good dietary control VLC Primal, mealtiming. Question is, if my temp is already low as it gets down at 95 etc. Thank you so much for all your work here and at MDA. Many of us feel like you and folk like Mark Sisson are throwing us life lines when we have no where else to turn.

Joseph yes it will……diabetes alters thermogenesis big time so what your now seeing is quite expected. I can't get enough of this stuff! Kruse, when is your book coming out? I can't wait to get my hands on it! I did the face dunk last night, followed by a 15 minute cold shower this morning. Thinking about buying some bags if ice for tonight….

But I have a question for you. As far as adaptation to the cold goes, can the same be true for the heat? Can they mess each other up? The reason I ask is because I am a police officer in SoCal, and as such I have to wear body armor 40 hours a week. This body armor keeps my core very warm, and I wear a compression shirt underneath it to soak up any perspiration. Will this interfere with my adaptation to cold? Seriously wondering what affect it could have. Initially, I couldn't stand the body armor because I just got so hot with it on, now I barely notice it except when it is really hot out.

Did my body adapt to the excess heat? James It maybe sooner than we all thought. It seems there has been a bend in the road that may have a huge advantage to me I never saw coming your body did adapt to heat……. Heat changes the size and protein binding and protein bending that can change confirmation tertiary and quaternary structure to altered biologic effects.

So your use of cold will have to overcome that …….. Yes with chronicity of exposure. Intensity initially would help……but for you I would tell you to make sure you ice baths over air techniques. In following up on one of your Facebook comments from today, where she talked about not having cold hands and feet anymore in the cold weather after eating more saturated fat, should I be striving to get in as much coconut oil as I can? Since Trader Joe's started carrying it, I have been using much more of it and less butter.

Also, I think I remember you saying that CO in particular was great for subcutaneous fat loss. I'm guessing this has something to do with the MCT's? Mark Without knowing about your issues there is no way for me to know this……. If you suffer from a neurodegenerative disorder yes……if you have different goals as I do now then that is another story. This information will even make the smartest hard core organic biochemist out there think………Why and what if? What If somebody did and 18 month experiment on themselves to prove this biochemistry is really active in a modern human?