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Easily plug-in XE Currency Data into your existing software. Hawkish Powell, more USD bought https:

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Forex Data Feed / Currency Feed. A while ago, I was looking for a free Forex Data Feed. The formats make it easy to build API­s to quote exchange rates in literally any programming language – Java, PHP, JavaScript and countless others. Menu Forex Data Feeds JavaScript Integration Forex Data Feeds. There are four Forex Data Feeds.

Economic data coming up in the European session. Thu 4 Oct A quiet day on the docket for European trading. That's the major story in trading so far and will surely exacerbate some concerns in equities and emerging markets. In turn, that will create a feedback loop and push the dollar higher as well. All theoretical of course but that's the way it should play out.

Hansson will be speaking on the outlook for Estonia he's the central bank governor there and the Eurozone. General view on construction activity in the German economy, which has been a bit soft in recent times. A minor data point though as this is survey data. Prior release can be found here. Not much of a market mover as the focus is on the jobs report to come tomorrow. Also of note, we'll have Italy's finance minister Giovanni Tria speaking on the country's economic report presentation at GMT.

That's all for the European session to come. I wish you all the best of days and good luck with your trading! View Full Article with Comments. ForexLive Asia FX news wrap: In a nutshell, very hawkish: Rates are still accommodative Rates are a long way from neutral Rates will go past neutral If he had have asked, 'Am I being clear? Apart from Powell and Pence news and data was non impactful.

Hawkish Powell, more USD bought https: In a nutshell, very hawkish:. Asset 24 View More. Trade ideas thread - European session 2 October The Wall Street Journal has more detail, its a great read if you can access the gated story. I often try to transfer a few million out of my account whereupon the teller says something like: Export earnings were more resilient than expected At this stage, it appears that net exports are on track to be broadly neutral for growth in the September quarter.

Responses to the Australian trade surplus data earlier Eamonn Sheridan. A new approach to diplomacy might be needed. If that guy doesn't get confirmed for the Supreme Court maybe they could send him to China to smooth things over. He could give Li a big pash or something? Some dates on the Italian budget to note in the diary Eamonn Sheridan. Australia trade balance for August: In the olden days if you said 'Deficit! The other thing about olden days, when the trade deficit was announced each month the AUD would drop like a rock.

Now we get surplii plural of surplus? Put that down to we all secretly love bad news. As I said earlier, the focus is on offshore developments, rising US rates and rising trade tensions, not domestic data. Another month, another Australian trade surplus. PIMCO warn on Australia ratings - probability of banks downgrades higher than before PIMCO is a big, huge manager of money, and they are a wee bit concerned on Australia "We have grown more cautious with the external credits of Australian banks,' "The probability of a market-moving agency downgrade that causes major banks to lose their AA- rating for the first time in history is now higher than before.

More like the middle of this afternoon at the rate its dropping …: Rabobank on the Australian dollar, say that: Forex option expiries for Thursday 4 October Eamonn Sheridan. Here is a link to more from JPM. Focus on your apps, not the data. Our APIs are designed for the demands of today's apps. Our developer pages contain API test forms, technical documentation, sample code and more.

This site requires javasript for most features. For the best user experience, please enable your javascript. Sign up for a free 7 day trial Already have an account? The enterprise-class real-time and historical exchange rate data feed solution. Choose a package that works for your business. Select the frequency of rate updates and number of API rate requests per month. Plus, it dynamically detects and filters out any data errors.

Easily plug-in XE Currency Data into your existing software. When you can measure the real cost of foreign exchange, you can make better-informed business decisions. With planning, you can mitigate FX risks, reduce costs by choosing competitive providers, and develop global strategies to increase profits.

Instead, there are global financial centers made up of governments, banks, and other institutions. Tracking multi-currency transactions can be complicated. You can reduce the risk of error and save time by integrating the API into your current software.

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