FOREX ® color completes the FOREX ® product range with a selection of nine vibrant colours. As the colouring of the rigid foam sheet is uniform throughout, it offers optimum colour consistency and guarantees the same colour .

Let's talk about your forex broker licence. Professional Clients Experienced traders who meet the criteria can qualify for Professional Client status.

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Forex, Leksan, Akrilne ploče, Folije, LED i još preko artikala Usluge. ORACAL vam nudi usluge konsaltinga i savetovanja, sečenja i obrade materijala, transporta i održavanja mašina. Novo u ponudi. Aluminijumski kompozitni paneli.

Your reliance on us to provide accurate advice and straightforward guidance is imperative to your success; and, we provide you with unrestrained insight into regulatory regimes that you do not have. Our expertise transcends forex licensing and compliance. We are so well-connected in the forex broker, investment management and banking space, that we understand your business and your challenges.

This gives you a level of collaboration that you cannot find anywhere else. Getting licensed is easy - when you know the right people. Ask us for a free jurisdiction comparison and learn more about compliance rules and regulations. Sign up for a demo account. Financial strength and security. Could firmer metals support beleaguered Aussie? October 3, Your new account Our dedicated specialists will contact you to help get you started with your new account and answer your questions.

Trader support We'll email you to make you aware of resources to help develop your trading plan. Please let us know how you would like to proceed. The seminar provides information about new business forms of and money creation. The course is really excellent. It is an investment in the future and new ideas! Pavlovic International Bank, Bijeljina Extremely positive opinion, the training surpassed my expectations, so many new information, ideas, and advices Nova Banjalucka Bank, Banja Luka I think that the training was very useful and has provided a good basis for the improvement in the currencies operations.

The way of lectures and presentations has been very charming adjusted, with the possibility of further questions and getting explanations, in one word, a very positive experience. Mercator-Rodic This seminar is a phenomenal experience. I would recommend to all who sees himself in it and who wants to be further trained. Nectar, Backa Palanka I would like to say that the training was excellent and I think that I have never heard more useful things in 5 days I took a step into something completely new and presented in the best way.

I would only prolong the course in two weeks. The course presents in some way "clarification" to all who wants to learn something new, how to apply that knowledge. It has been opened a whole new dimension. Designed for those who are hardworking, disciplined, willing to learn and to last. Congratulations Dragan and his School! He was able to maintain my concentration and make me interested to continue to learn and to improve in this area.

Sladjana Skopljak Kresovic, Controling Manager. MK Commerce, Novi Sad Feel free to come and expand your horizons in the direction watched by millions This experience has greatly helped us in the daily operations and contributed us to be more profitable Definitely cost - effective for me so good that it is worth whatever the price, even if it costs more. Eksimbanka, Beograd There is an undivided opinion of our staff that the training, both in your School and during the completion of the mentoring programs in our Bank, provided systematic, interactive and interesting education enriched with the practical experience.

Dealing Room Project you made for us and valuable consultations during the preparation of all necessary supporting documents, as well as your suggestions for the organization of safe risk and back-office functions, enable the bank to make a step forward in the professional organization and business. I am very pleased to have worekd with you on our project which completely succeeded mostly thanks to you. I would sincerely recommend your School and consulting to anybody and I hope that other banks will have the opportunity to attend your courses.

Vojvodjanska Bank, Novi Sad Very rare access to science and business Your knowledge and the way that you share this knowledge with the participants are the best your recommendation for all other courses.

Opportunity Bank, Podgorica A new experience for me, Iheard a lot of new things, got a whole new view of trade as a term. Kulska Bank, Novi Sad This school is necessary in these regions. I think it will get a full check when the shares of domestic companies appear on world stock markets and banks recognize the dealing as the largest source of income.

Invest Bank Montenegro, Podgorica Very useful and interesting not only because of the Trading, but also of the way of thinking. For the last 7 year I have been at about 30 trainings, and this one was the most interesting and with the greatest intensity of teaching knowledge. The price is adequate, and it is my oppinino that this is perfect for serious potential investors. ITS, I'm sure I'll see you again! Emil Jakimov, Director, Directorate for trading financial instruments.

This was everything that I hoped for. The training was worth every penny. It makes you realistic about everything this occupation has to offer.

An absolute recommendation for everyone who thought to became a forex trader.