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Handel had completed the first version of Ottone on 10 August , but revised the opera before its first performance. The opera was a great success in Handel's lifetime, and received revivals in December , , and , in some cases with additional music.

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Handel had assembled a cast of operatic superstars for this season and the opera became an enormous success. The story of the opera is a fictionalisation of some events in the lives of Adalbert of Italy , his mother Willa of Tuscany called "Gismonda" in the opera , Otto II , and the Byzantine Princess Theophanu , who became the wife of Otto II in a state marriage intended to form an alliance between the Byzantine and Holy Roman empires.

The German-born Handel, after spending some of his early career composing operas and other pieces in Italy, settled in London, where in he had brought Italian opera for the first time with his opera Rinaldo. A tremendous success, Rinaldo created a craze in London for Italian opera seria, a form focused overwhelmingly on solo arias for the star virtuoso singers.

In , Handel was appointed music director of an organisation called the Royal Academy of Music unconnected with the present day London conservatoire , a company under royal charter to produce Italian operas in London. Handel was not only to compose operas for the company but hire the star singers, supervise the orchestra and musicians, and adapt operas from Italy for London performance. For the fourth season in , for which his first opera was Ottone , Handel assembled a cast of star singers including the internationally famous castrato, Senesino , beginning a long and sometimes stormy association with Handel that included creating seventeen leading roles in his operas for London, at a vast salary.

On being asked to replace the aria Falsa imagine with a new one, Handel, according to his first biographer John Mainwaring , flew into a rage:.

Madame, said he , je sçais bien que Vous êtes une véritable Diablesse: Cuzzoni yielded and sang the aria Handel had written with enormous success, including it throughout her career in recitals and concerts. Handel had seen Antonio Lotti's opera Teofane , to the same libretto as Ottone , in Dresden in , and with three of the same singers in the same roles, though with newly written music by Handel, they had played in the Lotti work - Senesino, Giuseppe Maria Boschi and Margherita Durastanti repeated their roles from the Lotti opera in Ottone.

The "Argument" to the opera provides the context of the events that precede the opera. Basilio, Teofane's brother, had been driven into exile by a usurper. However, Basilio had become a pirate during his exile, and took on the name of Emireno. Gismonda's dream is to see her son Adelberto on the throne of Italy. Pur chi regni il figlio amato. When Adelberto comes to her, she informs him of her scheme to bring this to pass.

Her deceased husband had ruled Italy illegally as the country was really a possession of the German King Ottone, who is now on the way to reclaim the territory and to marry Teofane, daughter of the Byzantine emperor, who is already in Rome and has been sent a portrait of her bridegroom-to-be, which has caused her to look forward to her marriage with delight. However Ottone has been delayed in his journey to Rome by an attack on his convoy of ships by pirates, necessitating a battle at sea.

Gismonda instructs her son to present himself to Teofane as her bridegroom, and then marry her, pretending to be Ottone.

Adelberto thinks this is a very clever plan and Gismonda joyfully anticipates her son's success. Teofane comes to meet, as she believes, her husband-to-be Ottone, and when Adelberto greets her, pretending to be Ottone, she cannot understand why he looks nothing like the handsome and noble young man she had imagined from the miniature portrait she had been sent and carries with her in a locket.

Left alone, she accuses the portrait of cruelly misleading her Aria: The true Ottone has arrived to claim his rightful kingdom and his bride, and has defeated the pirate Emireno, who is brought before him in chains. Emireno hints that he is really someone very mighty but refuses to reveal his true identity and is led away. Del minacciar del vento. Ottone is now greeted by his enraged cousin Princess Matilda, who was officially engaged to Adelberto and is furious that he now proposes to marry Teofane instead.

She informs Ottone that Gismonda and Adelberto are scheming against him. Ottone hopes that Teofane can still be his despite this Aria: Ritorna, o dolce amore. Matilda, alone, yearns for revenge against Adelberto for his jilting of her Aria: Since her son Adelberto is now posing as Ottone, Gismonda poses as Ottone's mother Adelaide in a meeting with Teofane. Pensa ad amare , and leaves. Adelberto comes to lead Teofane to their wedding, but his mother reappears with the news that Ottone is invading with an army, thrusts a sword into her son's hand and sends him off to battle.

Left alone, Teofane now realises that Adelberto is only pretending to be Ottone, and laments the position in which she finds herself Aria: A sinfonia is played as an onstage battle shows the defeat of Adelberto's army and his capture by Ottone's forces.

Adelberto is led away, defiant but in chains Aria: Alone, Ottone is still hopeful of winning Teofane and the kingdom and ruling in peace, extending justice to all Aria: On his way to prison, Adelberto is encountered by Matilda, who tells him he should never have accepted being engaged to her if he really loved Teofane instead.

They are joined by Gismonda, who reproaches her son for being defeated in battle by Ottone. Adelberto hopes that he will learn fidelity from Matilda's example, and is led away Aria: Lascia, che nel suo viso.