N1 (Bangladesh)

The N1 or Dhaka–Chittagong Highway is a main transportation artery in Bangladesh, between Dhaka and waystomakequickmoney.cfimately kilometres ( miles) in length, the road links the country's two largest cities, Dhaka and Chittagong. The highway is known along various stretches as the Chittagong–Cox's Bazar Highway and the Cox's .

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The EU works closely with Bangladesh in the framework of the EU-Bangladesh Co-operation Agreement, concluded in This agreement provides broad scope for co-operation, extending to trade and economic development, human rights, good governance and the environment.

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FIFA world ranking of men's national soccer teams The target to finish the project by December , however implementation remains slow. In January , expansion of the highway from two lanes to four lanes started. As of March , only Construction included culverts, 22 bridges and three flyovers. As of February , the expected completion of the project was postponed until June This highway runs on three Upazilas of Narayangaj district. The highway exceeded only one Upazila of Munshiganj district and that is Gazaria Upazila.

N1 exceeds seven upazilas on Chittagong district including Chittagong city. Length of N1 in Chittagong District is N1 exceeds four upazilas of Cox's bazar district. Length of N1 in Cox's Bazar District is From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bangladesh Roads and Highways Department. Retrieved 12 December Retrieved 12 April