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I will even go so far as to suggest that parents should bring their teenagers to classes with them, so they can understand how the markets work and be better prepared for their future. Want to take a test drive first?

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Your form is being processed. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Please let us know how you would like to proceed. Trade the world's most popular global commodities across American, European, Asian and Australian markets. Want to take a test drive first? Try a risk free demo account. Commodities Metals Commodities Metals. Key benefits of trading commodities Trade influential markets Gain access to popular metals, energy and agricultural.

Improve your trading potential Commodities enable you to speculate in both rising and falling markets. Before you trade, make sure to look over the forex contract specifications to see trading hours and other details. You can trade binary options and option spreads on 10 forex pairs:. Forex market trading offers tremendous opportunity. The market is open around the clock, five days a week.

It is highly liquid and constantly in motion. And because exchange rates reflect key macroeconomic factors like central bank actions, trade balances, and GDP, forex trading can be a great way to take trading positions based on your economic knowledge and intuition. By the way, you can also trade economic numbers like the Fed rate and nonfarm payroll alongside your forex trades, to hedge or execute a multi-asset strategy.

Plus, you get to trade alongside major banks, sovereign wealth funds, and other big institutions. For many traders, it can be both lucrative and enjoyable. Leveraged means that you only put up a fraction of the amount you are trading and you effectively get a temporary loan for the rest.

You can buy more than the amount you put up. Over the counter means there is no central exchange for forex. Trades are done between traders or, most of the time, between brokers or dealers—who charge a commission and may not be well regulated. Instead of leveraged, all Nadex contracts are fully collateralized. This relatively low risk exposure and cost of entry compared to other forex trading venues makes Nadex a great place to learn how to trade forex. Nadex is an exchange , not a broker.

We are designed to create a level playing field for individual traders, with secure transactions and full transparency. They pay a low interest rate to borrow the yen and earn a higher interest rate in the Aussies and keep the difference as profit.

When rates fluctuate, the risk goes up for the carry trade, but for trend traders it can be a great opportunity. Now I can easily go through numerous Forex charts within a short period using each core strategy step effectively. My learning has gone beyond the classroom within the first two days as I was able to follow along in the XLT courses, understanding everything in the videos.

I highly recommend this course! However, if I would have only taken this class I would never be able to gain financial independence. I am happy we continue to have support past the class, such as the XLT. A lot of hands on trading experience and guidance on how to be successful as a trader both short and long term. I know I will be a successful trader with all the tools I now have.

The resources are literally unlimited, and their programs are always fresh. The XLT programs are second to none. I will even go so far as to suggest that parents should bring their teenagers to classes with them, so they can understand how the markets work and be better prepared for their future. A brilliant and high-energy instructor opened our minds to what, why and how with trading ideas, a structure for personal habits and live trading demonstrations to enforce the reality of our lessons learned.

Every member of the class was accommodated and brought along together. Class materials and take-home addendums were all of the highest quality and value. This is definitely a 10 out of 10 class offering. XLT Forex Trading builds upon the lessons taught in the Professional Forex Trader Course and provides you with the knowledge and skills to properly manage risk in trading currencies.

This interactive course transforms powerful Professional Forex course information and theory into real world currency trading.

XLT Forex Trading combines key skill-building sessions with practical application sessions in a live market environment.