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The most significant support level to watch in the short-run is Questions about your Order? Putting the short-term picture into perspective, the recent surge off the late August lows is coming from a pivotal area around

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Folligen is his next-generation advancement on that technology, and as such should be given serious consideration when evaluating a treatment regimen focused on regrowth. Need to look good for that night out on the town, upcoming date, or important business meeting? Consider trying the newest Concealer Products.

Virtually undetectable, they'll improve your hair density instantly, for that all-important first impression. This technology was tested in partial FDA trials and shown to effectively shorten the resting phase of the hair follicle.

This is important because a significant portion of thinning hair is in the "resting" phase at any given time. This treatment brings those resting follicles into growth phase, resulting in a larger number of active follicles on the scalp. This results in thicker, healthier looking hair.

Folligen Therapy Spray can be used in conjunction with Rogaine to stimulate hair growth in both men and women. Many of our male users combine it with Propecia or RevivogenMD ValuePak as well, to address the causes of hair loss rather than just trying to stimulate regrowth. Additional product suggestions for this can be found to the right. Please remember that treating hair loss is a slow process that requires persistence and patience.

Any legitimate hair loss treatment will take between months to begin working, and a full 2 years before optimal results are attained. So set your expectations accordingly. There may be shedding periods in between. Shedding is a natural part of any effective treatment regimen. Existing hairs are ejected and new, healthier hairs are generated in their place. It does not always happen, but it should be expected. Especially any time you modify your treatment regimen. This is why starting small with core products and waiting 6 months to a year before adding anything new, is an important part of treating hair loss effectively.

Take photos of your hair in bright light, both wet and dry. This will help you keep perspective as time goes on. Especially through shedding periods which may cause you to think you've lost more hair. Photos will help you see that things haven't gotten any worse. Cart You have no items in your shopping cart. Account Wishlist Log In.

Hair Loss Concealer Products. Shampoos, Styling Products, and Supplements. Home Folligen Spray Pack. Folligen Therapy Spray works to stimulate new hair growth by activating more follicles on the scalp at any given time. The spray formula is perfect for thinning hair, and the Folligen Lotion or Folligen Cream versions are perfect for receding hairlines. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Share. Details Additional Info Tags Details. Gold is looking the better of the two at this time, sitting just shy of the to current down-trend line.

A break above will keep the December to current uptrend continuing; this would certainly be a big positive for silver, obviously. The most significant support level to watch in the short-run is Ideally, a day or two of consolidation develops to show willingness for silver to hold up after a big run, and to recoil for another jet higher. For now, silver is viewed through a cautiously bullish eye, but should silver slice through support versus a gradual decline and hold of any of those levels, then we will need to consider alternatives.

Keep any eye on the US dollar , as in recent trade it has been a good source of strength for precious metals. A daily close below in the USDollar will be a key event for the index, likely leading to continued weakness and helping along silver.

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