Qualcomm CEO: Apple Lawsuit Will Be Settled

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Snapdragon 4G LTE and 5G modems: At the heart of mobility.

Mobile chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. is no stranger to lawsuits when it comes to enforcing its patents, but when it comes to its new fight with Apple Inc. it’s happening at a tough time. With expectations high that Apple will roll out the iPhone 8 at some point this year, the legal battle between the two could hurt Qualcomm’s relationship with Apple and thus .

The naming rights expired in June In , Qualcomm sold its base station business to Ericsson , and later, sold its cell phone manufacturing business to Kyocera. The company was now focused on developing and licensing wireless technologies and selling ASICs that implement them. Steve Mollenkopf was promoted to president and chief operating officer of the company, effective November 12, He succeeded Paul E.

Jacobs , who remained as executive chairman until March From to , Qualcomm saw substantial revenue and profit growth as its Snapdragon System-on-Chip took market share from other competitors such as Texas Instruments ' OMAP and Nvidia 's Tegra to become the de facto standard for Android smartphones, and for a while Qualcomm's market capitalization surpassed that of Intel.

However, surprised by the release of the bit Apple A7 in September , Qualcomm had to quickly come up with its own competing bit chip. Qualcomm's resulting Snapdragon and , which used generic ARM cores instead of their own custom-designed cores, were not well received due to overheating and performance problems, which led to large customers like Samsung opting to use their in-house Exynos processor instead. These pressures caused a significant fall in Qualcomm's profits and stock price in Executive management knew this was coming, so they came up with a plan to retain its employees.

In December , Qualcomm Inc. In April , Qualcomm received approval from U. On June 20, , Qualcomm announced a strategic investment in Amionx, a Carlsbad company that has developed technology to prevent fires and explosions in lithium-ion batteries. The amount of the investment was not disclosed.

Qualcomm President Derek Aberle will join Amionx's board of directors. In November , Broadcom proposed an offer to buy Qualcomm. In , Qualcomm has filed a lawsuit against Intel. Qualcomm pioneered the commercialization of the cdmaOne IS standard for wireless cellular communications, following up with CDMA , an early standard for third-generation 3G mobile. The license streams from the patents on these inventions, and related products, are a major component of Qualcomm's business.

In June , Qualcomm announced that it would release a set of application programming interfaces geared to give Web-based applications deeper links into hardware. It uses a low Earth orbit LEO satellite constellation consisting of 44 active satellites.

The system is used for voice telephony via hand-held satellite phones , asset tracking and data transfer using mobile satellite modems. The system was designed as a normal IS system, and used the satellite as a "bent pipe" or "repeater" to transfer cellular signals from the handset to the terrestrial base station. Unlike the Iridium system, which routes phone calls between satellites, the Globalstar satellite must always be able to see both the handset and the base station to establish a connection, therefore, there is no coverage over the Earth's poles where there are no satellite orbits.

There is also no coverage in locations where the large Globalstar base stations are not in view some locations in the south atlantic, for example. Some of the Globalstar hardware is manufactured by Qualcomm. Like other satellite phone networks Globalstar went bankrupt in , only to be bought up by a group of investors who are currently running the system. In June , the U. International Trade Commission blocked the import of new cell phone models based on particular Qualcomm microchips.

They found that these Qualcomm microchips infringe patents owned by Broadcom. Broadcom has also initiated patent litigation in U. At issue is software designed to extend battery life in chips while users make out-of-network calls. In October, an ITC administrative judge made an initial ruling that Qualcomm violated the Broadcom patent covering that feature and the commission later affirmed the decision.

In August , Judge Rudi Brewster held that Qualcomm had engaged in litigation misconduct by withholding relevant documents during the lawsuit it brought against Broadcom and that Qualcomm employees had lied about their involvement. The Fair Trade Commission accused Qualcomm of abusing its dominant position in the Korean market for CDMA mobile phone chips by charging higher royalties on handset makers that bought modem chips from its competitors, while offering rebates to customers who bought products mainly from the US group, the regulator said in a statement.

In , Qualcomm and Broadcom entered into a settlement and multi-year patent agreement, ending all litigation between the companies.

In , China's anti-monopoly regulator announced that Qualcomm was suspected of overcharging and abusing its market position. On July 16, , the European Commission announced that it had opened two antitrust investigations into Qualcomm's behavior in the field of baseband chipsets for consumer devices.

In July a group of women filed a class-action gender discrimination lawsuit against Qualcomm, alleging that the firm discriminated against women in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics areas - a class of 3, employees. The suit was settled in August The plaintiff's law firm said the company will also "institute significant changes in its policies and practices to help eliminate gender disparities and foster equal employment opportunity going forward.

In March , South Korea found out that Qualcomm prevented Samsung from selling their chips to other phone makers. The current UMTS air interfaces are for the most part based on Qualcomm patents, and royalties from these patents represent a significant part of Qualcomm's revenue.

This followed a series of patent-related lawsuits and antitrust complaints, spearheaded by Broadcom, in the US. In , Broadcom started a series of patent-related lawsuits and antitrust complaints against Qualcomm to get what Broadcom regarded fair terms for access to the W-CDMA technologies.

Broadcom was soon joined by Nokia and others, and complaints were also filed in the European Commission. In , the European Commission launched an inquiry into Qualcomm's possible abusing of its dominant position in the market for third-generation phones. QChat is a push-to-talk PTT technology. Qualcomm developed QChat to provide a reliable method of instant connection and two-way communication between users in different locations, but operating within the same type of network architecture.

Prior to the existence of cellular and personal communications services networks, this type of communication was limited to private Land Mobile Radio System LMR technology used by public safety and utility service agencies. QChat handsets and server software allow users to connect instantaneously with other QChat users anywhere in the world with the push of a button.

In addition, QChat enables one-to-one private and one-to-many group calls over the 3G networks. VoIP is a voice delivery mechanism that uses the Internet Protocol to manage the delivery of voice information. Voice information is sent in digital form over IP-based data networks including CDMA in discrete packets rather than traditional circuit-switched protocols such those used in the public switched telephone network PSTN.

QChat users on 3G wireless devices can connect to each other worldwide, in either private or group calls, with the push of a button. To initiate a call, a user presses the PTT button and receives an immediate indication of whether the call recipient is available. If he or she is, the caller can begin speaking immediately. If the recipient is unavailable, the caller will simply hear a negative response tone instead of a busy signal or voicemail.

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