Project Tango by Forex Joe Atkins - A Scam Never Works and How to Get His Trading System for Free

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‘Forex’ Joe Atkins, a trader in the Forex market since November , is the chief Forex Strategist for 21st Century Forex Trader. ‘Forex’ Joe has more than 30 years of experience as a Sports Analyst and found that trading Forex was similar to teaching others how to succeed as a profitable sports bettor.

This allows application developers to create user experiences that include indoor navigation , 3D mapping, physical space measurement, environmental recognition, augmented reality , and windows into a virtual world. In an interview in June , Lee said, "We're developing the hardware and software technologies to help everything and everyone understand precisely where they are, anywhere.

Google has produced two devices to demonstrate the Tango technology: More than 3, of these devices had been sold as of June , [3] chiefly to researchers and software developers interested in building applications for the platform.

In the summer of , Qualcomm and Intel both announced that they are developing Tango reference devices as models for device manufacturers who use their mobile chipsets. At the same time, both companies also announced an application incubator to get applications developed to be on the device on launch.

At Lenovo Tech World , Lenovo launched the world's first consumer phone based on Tango, as well as releasing it as "Tango". Tango is different from other emerging 3D-sensing computer vision products, in that it's designed to run on a standalone mobile phone or tablet and is chiefly concerned with determining the device's position and orientation within the environment. Together, these generate data about the device in " six degrees of freedom " 3 axes of orientation plus 3 axes of position and detailed three-dimensional information about the environment.

Project tango was also the first project to graduate from Google X in [8]. In addition, an API is also provided for integrating Tango with the Unity game engine ; this enables the rapid conversion or creation of games that allow the user to interact and navigate in the game space by moving and rotating a Tango device in real space.

These APIs are documented on the Google developer website. Tango enables apps to track a device's position and orientation within a detailed 3D environment, and to recognize known environments. This makes possible applications such as in-store navigation, visual measurement and mapping utilities, presentation and design tools, and a variety of immersive games.

At Augmented World Expo , [10] Johnny Lee demonstrated a construction game that builds a virtual structure in real space, an AR showroom app that allows users to view a full-size virtual automobile and customize its features, a hybrid Nerf gun with mounted Tango screen for dodging and shooting AR monsters superimposed on reality, and a multiplayer VR app that lets multiple players converse in a virtual space where their avatar movements match their real-life movements.

Tango apps are distributed through Play. Google has encouraged the development of more apps with hackathons , an app contest, and promotional discounts on the development tablet.

Some of the Tango apps are MeasureIt for measuring objects , Solar Simulator, Wayfair for testing furniture arrangements in rooms , and Cydalion navigation app for people with visual impairments , among many others. As a platform for software developers and a model for device manufacturers, Google has created two Tango devices to date. It was a small Android phone with a Qualcomm MSM quad-core processor and additional special hardware including a fisheye motion camera , "RGB-IR" camera for color image and infrared depth detection, and Movidius Vision processing units.

A high-performance accelerometer and gyroscope were added after testing several competing models in the MARS lab at the University of Minnesota. Several hundred Peanut devices were distributed to early-access partners including university researchers in computer vision and robotics , as well as application developers and technology startups.

Google stopped supporting the Peanut device in September , as by then the Tango software stack had evolved beyond the versions of Android that run on the device.

He gave me the tools I needed to change my life path as a 41 year old. He gives us deep insight into how to be profitable in Forex trading. Teaching us how to read and use the charts and giving us the rules to follow and teaching us HOW to follow them gives us a very strong grounding and knowledge that can be applied to all levels of trading.

I especially LOVED Jody's Decision Matrix, because then we can use it to make a quick evaluation as to whether or not we have a current trade that we can take immediately. That is very unique and immediately implementable. He's made the best use of the time we have to drill down to the meat of the process: As a big picture-to-little picture learner, Jody's process helped to pull this into focus.

His process has also helped expose my weaknesses and strengths and identified the things I need to work on moving forward. This course has encouraged me to continue my education and practice to actualize my future as a trader. Jody is a very logical and smart teacher and he is also patient enough to repeat and give a number of examples to get the clarity. Sign in to My OTA.

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