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Feb 01,  · SRDC PL displays how many pips you would have made had you gone long at the previous day's high and/or short at the previous day's low. A 0 indicates you would NOT have entered the trade. ELD attached.

The problem is, as you may have already experienced, too many false breakouts. ForexTrendy - Recommended Odds Software. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2. Welcome to Brunei's subreddit! It can be applied to all trading platform and need very minimal training or experience in forex.

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Sep 14,  · Is FOREX trading illegal in Brunei? Amway/SRDC seem to go hand in hand. SRDC is a trojan horse for Amway/N21 until you prove otherwise. October 30, at AM Is FOREX trading illegal in Brunei? Forex Journal? No Trade on Friday; 88 pip profit with EURUSD today;.

Correct and consistent mentoring is key. Because your the one that's clicking that button. When education is widely available in most countries.

The system is there! This is what Orange emphasizes on. And not only that, throughout my experience under the guidance of Orange he has always proven to be wise and always generous with his time and money. My advice is to always consider the source and the motive as to why you should listen and follow someone's teachings and how far you will go to infact to achieve success. Are you a good student? I chose to learn SRDC straight from the source and have seen on countless occasions of its success.

Backtest and u will see for yourself. Where and when did you travel with Orange recently orlando truth? Knew him since ages. He is not as what you specified. How dare you to say "No one makes money with Orange Roshan.

Go to his forum and ask if anybody is making it. I am also an Orlando student of Orangeroshan. I had studied SRDC dilligently for 2 years. And although Orangetruths statements may have appeared a bit harsh they are nonetheless very truthful. Orangetruths passionate statement should be seriously considered by anyone contemplating studying SRDC.

Orangetruth was promised many things by Orange of which none of them were delivered. Some may claim Orangetruth was not a good student or he did not follow the rules.

But i can assure you the Orlando group to a man were both good students and followed the rules which they had. We were not a band of nobodies but professional people too. So dont think for one minute we were not capable of understanding and following SRDC. SRDC does not work. Tripling an account in 3 days does not prove a system.

Neither does one months results. When you can post results for one yr then I suggest people should sit up and listen to you. Orange may claim the Orlando seminar was ruined by traderbill but that does not excuse his false promises to the loyal members who were left. Why are there only 3 members left from the original 30 who attended Orlando.

Can they all be wrong? Could they all be bad students. Come on people wake up? Let the facts speak for themselves. If this is a professional forex system then you will be able to post one yr results of the BUBU, post 1 yr results of the matrix and ambuyat.

Post 1yr results of SRDC 1,2,3. Not what you could have got but concrete evidence. When you can post substantiated results then people may believe in the power of SRDC, and doubting objectors like myself will go away. To date this is the only fact. My last statemnt is this. Why would anyone capable of harvesting pips at will have anything to do with Amway or network Why would you bother with Amway and there dubious business practices.

Maybe SRDC is just a trojan horse for Amway when you fail as a trader you can always sell amway products. There is no denying Aman is into Amway. But If i had the choice of selling shampoo for pennies or trading and making millions I would choose trading.

So why Amway Aman? You often say trading is your 3rd business. WOuld Amway be 1 and 2 and trading is 3rd?

It is said that those that cant teach. Is that the case with you? When you can bring forward proven results, trading SRDC then i will withdraw my accusations and applaud you. I am sure everyone will be clambering to join ORI. I saw this picture at the recent Brunei Amway convention and there was Orange in the front row. First Step to becoming a Successful Trader: Perhaps you should stop trading altogther.

So where exactly are you falling short? Or perhaps you have other hidden motives? To those that dont know better. Salsa i admire your sincerity and your loyalty to Orange. There was a time when i would have done the very same thing.

But loyalty is a two way street. You cannnot keep giving loyalty where it is not due. You cannot keep trusting someone and recieving little if any trust back. The truth is very simple. Of that I am definately sure. If anyone of them had arrived they would be proud to say so and show their proof. When this happens I will gladly appologise publicly. Salsa please can you tell me which of my allegations are wrong.

I will be glad to answer those allegations. I Dont put food on your table and I am not offering anything as a solution except to look elsewhere, and save yourself the needless frustration.

Unlike Orange, i am not offering you something which i know will definately not work. At least with my suggestion it leaves you open to continue your journey to financial freedom. Who is more noble.

It is also very profitable. I think many professional. It can be applied to all trading platform and need very minimal training. All you need to know is how to draw 3 types of. Before the Internet trading era, we trade currencies based on. Has anyone studied the daily chart lately? I have a friend who trade. His name is Warren Buffet, you might know. Now, open your daily chart candlestick preferably on your favourite. Take 1 minute and tell me what you. Based on this fact, we can safely assume that, the highs and lows of a.

Now you have the answer. Upon the start of a new Daily candle;. Draw the trend lines and determine the trend. This way, you can. Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy.

Linear Regression Channel Trading. The reasoning behind is to simply understand one of the basics of Trader's Sentiment. This will draw vertical dotted line outlining a period of 1 month in the Daily Chart and 1 week in the 1 hour chart. The candles behavior is very predictable inside the channel. However, this can vary depending on your trading experience.

This is standard on MT4 charts. We use Yesterday's candle because it's a completed candle. Pull the one on the right side to the new completed candle. This way we are up to the hour on the newly adjusted channel levels. Write a comment Comments: This website uses cookies.