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Religions of the World Quiz. Additionally, the sacrifice of movement speed can be less detrimental to an octopode, as easily-attained high levels of stealth will make the vast majority of all movement go unnoticed by nearby monsters. When regularly engaging in melee combat, you will often notice a significant difference between monsters you can constrict and those you cannot. The significance of Godzilla.


Technically, wielding a weapon or wearing a shield decreases the number of total possible constrictions; but unless you're fighting bats, attempting to constrict too many enemies at one time is unwise. Octopodes receive the skills and equipment listed for their background, save that body armour is removed and any skill points in Armour are placed in Dodging instead.

Octopodes are a difficult race to play. While the prospect of an octopode wearing eight artefact rings with multiple intrinsics, stat boosts and bonuses sounds nice, getting there is another matter entirely. The lack of armour makes the early game risky; later on, their lack of HP gives them the semblance of being deep elves , but without the awesome magical aptitudes. Without good EV, SH , and careful avoidance of monsters you aren't ready for, engaging in melee isn't so much a last resort as disguised suicide.

On the other hand, octopodes level nearly as quickly as humans, are quite versatile thanks to their average or better aptitudes in everything save Armour , and can make great use of deep water to avoid monsters. Another challenge which arises from the octopodes inability to wear the majority of wearable items, is the all-too-often inability to obtain a resistance critical to facing a particular unique monster or undertaking a particular dungeon branch.

Magic resistance and poison resistance being two notable examples. Alternatively, some may attempt more risky means of achieving such e. As octopodes tend to be 'standard' across the majority of their skill aptitudes aside from stealth , they lend themselves well to a broad use of skills rather than an isolated focus on just one or two. This is particularly evident in the early game, when an octopodes survival strategy may well adapt itself based upon what useful items are chanced across e.

Almost any source of AC should be given more consideration than normal. Rings of protection are usually the main source, but weapons of protection are worth a little more than normal.

If you find any sources of mutation , consider rolling it up for the possibilities of scales; the AC it'll bring is vital, and if it is early enough in the game the emotional loss won't be too great if your character dies a horrible mutated death.

Given that shields are one of only two types of armour an octopode can use, many players will want to wear a shield, regardless of starting background. All the standard shield advice applies. For instance, if you begin as a fighter, you may want to consider downsizing your shield for a buckler until your shields skill has reached a higher level, in order to maintain a higher attack speed.

By playing as a transmuter , you can get around many of the limitations of playing an octopode. In Spider Form , for example, you can have an excellent EV score, making up for your almost non-existent base defenses, while Ice Form is a cheap and easy way to bring your AC up considerably.

Fortunately, all available transmutations allow you to make use of all your jewellery. As many transmutations blend all other equipment into the body, octopodes have a real advantage when playing as transmuters; all resistances and stat-improvements stay with you throughout the game.

Melee-centric octopodes may find the worship of Cheibriados helpful, particularly his attribute support. Additionally, the sacrifice of movement speed can be less detrimental to an octopode, as easily-attained high levels of stealth will make the vast majority of all movement go unnoticed by nearby monsters.

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