Forex Overdrive

Since that date Forex Overdrive has traded a total of 90 times on my account. There have been 3 losses, the highest being £, the next highest at £ and the lowest £ There have been 87 winning trades for a total profit to date (Oct 21st am GMT) of £/5(15).

Yo lo tengo en real y no va mal.. I have this expert advisor and have so for about 1 year. I would NOT recommend running it on a live account just yet though. Your email address will not be published. Does it have any way to setup this robot to open 5 same pair with a little bit delay.

Forex Overdrive

Although Forex Overdrive is designed to work on several currency pairs, USD/CHF, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, we recommend for best performance to only place Forex Overdrive on .

Si quieres saber qué es el forex y cómo operar en el mercado de divisas, te invitamos a que descargues de manera gratuita esta guía elaborada por el equipo de derivados de Rankia. Yo lo tengo en real y no va mal.. Ahora lo han actualizado y el stop loss va subiendo así como el tp, si la operación esta a tu favor. LA verdad que es un EA muy arriesgado pero que te puede hacer mucho dinero en poco tiempo, e incluso en la estadistica de MTIntelligent tiene meses enteros sin perder un trade, claro que tb es por los anchos de sus sl.

Con lo que cuando hay news importantes siempre lo desactivo, por sí me lo aplasta en un mal trade. He puesto otro post sobre myfxbook, te aventuras a colgar tus estadísticas de myfxbook y ponernos el link aquí? Ahora se puede poner que no haga trades los viernes, por los gaps y eso, pero los mismos creadores así como en las estadisticas mias y de otras web, ha hecho muy bueno trades los viernes,.

Te recomiendo asistas a nuestros webinarios gratuitos y luego a nuestros cursos presenciales en Madrid. Este sitio web usa cookies para analizar la navegación del usuario. Derivados Expert advisor robot overdrive. Hola Pablo, Yo lo tengo en real y no va mal.. Los campos profit y stop loss los dejos default. As you can see overdrive has done extremely well since first putting it up, but it has seen some intense drawdowns at times.

If you are going to try this one, I would recommend having a large starting capital and maybe even consider withdrawing profits every couple of weeks or so. Just something to consider. Overall this has proven to be one of the better more profitable systems out there though. Lets hope it has some damn good entry algorithms! Lord knows this EA is going to need it! I will let it run its course on a account and see how it does.

If it shows any kind of potential maybe I will try to find build some optimized settings for Forex Overdrive. Stay tuned for updates on this. I am now working on some optimized settings to try to close the gap between the risk: I would NOT recommend running it on a live account just yet though. My rule of trading is if the signal that got you in the trade in the first place is no longer valid, why stay in it? Besides, the EA will easily make up the 30 pip loss.

So large drawdowns can always appear. You simply have to have more money than the market in the long run. But to stand this strategy with many consecutive loosing trades, you need to have large amount of money.

So the wager lot size must be as low as possible. U can publish your past trades there savely. I am using forexoverdrive from last 3 months. Does it have any way to setup this robot to open 5 same pair with a little bit delay.

If you are going to purchase this Ea, be sure you are at high risk. This EA has no any strategy it either buy or sell randomly with a high SL, naturally out of 10 times times you get 30pips, but in the movement market goes extremely against you loose every thing. Secondly the never respond promptly, and specially when you ask for a refund they keep mum. I think if you have more balance in your account, like 10K it may do ok with some trades since it uses small trading amounts and you can go in negative for while.

I noticed that sometimes it opens trades in the right direction, other times in the wrong direction causing huge draw back, but since it does small orders 0. However I would execute the trade myself with better result for the most time. I would definitively keep an eye on open trades and sometimes get out of them with smaller loss.

What settings did you guys and Forex FBI use to get your results? These are what I see on another site:. I do not feel safe trading with the EA now..