A demo account is intended to familiarize you with the tools and features of our trading platforms and to facilitate the testing of trading strategies in a risk-free environment.

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Es ist ganz einfach Strategie und zwei Indikatoren werden in dieser Strategie verwendet. • Parabolic SAR und • Stochastic Oszillator. Ein großer Mob übt diese Strategie, während sie während der US-Markt-Sitzung oder Londoner Markt gehandelt.

Bestimme die Marktrichtung 2 minutes. Finde die Trade-Gelegenheit 5 minutes. Pending Order eingeben 7 minutes. Eingabe Pending Order 10 minutes. Managen der Pending-Order 4 minutes. Pending Order managen 10 minutes. Managen der offenen Position 4 minutes. Trade managen 8 minutes. Die Idee hinter der Beginner-Strategie 13 minutes. Idee dahinter 7 minutes. Wann man die Beginner-Strategie nicht traden sollte 9 minutes.

Vermeiden der Anwendung 8 minutes. Versteckte Trading-Chancen finden 4 minutes. Versteckte Trading-Chancen 7 minutes. Mit verbessertem Money Management besser performen 7 minutes. Verbessertes Money Management 7 minutes. Erweiterte Konzepte der Beginner Strategie. Die besten Zeiten zum Traden der Beginner-Strategie 3 minutes. Ideale Zeiten 8 minutes. Wie man Traden in Ranging Markets vermeidet 4 minutes. Rangingmärkte vermeiden 5 minutes. Hope you like it and good luck! Hi guys, this post also not an analysis and advice for any thing but we all see that Bitcoin has broken the long term uptrend in history of Now we are in the time for choosing go up or down and it will decide next long term for where we are going?

Any thing predict right now can not exactly and just depend on viewpoint from any others or professional with All my chart 15 Minutes about Bitcoin just for Risk Taker join and get fast profit so very very risk. I have to notify for you because this is the unclear market and stay out market is priority. Apply Elliot Wave Oscillator from early June , we can easy to find the wave we stay in.

We are in Wave 4. The last target for Wave 4 is in Fibonacci Retracement 0. We are in wave 4 up correction in Elliot.

Wave 3 approximately 3. Watch out this zone guys, carefully and just for Risk Taker entry! We just have very nice uptrend in short term for BCH, next time may have small down correction and pump up again for BCH. All analysis I draw in the chart, all you can refer it. Regeln für Long Trades 1 Bollinger Bands müssen slope up. Regeln für Short Trades 1 Bollinger Bands müssen slope down. Bänder steigen gtgt lang bei 1, mittleres Band. Stoppverlust im unteren Band oder max 15 Pips.

Geschlossen am oberen Band 1. Bänder senken abwärts gtgt kurz bei 1, mittleres Band. Geschlossen am unteren Band 1. Bänder senken abwärts gtgt kurz auf 1. Geschlossen am unteren Band 1, für 17 Pips Gewinn. Bänder steigen gtgt kurz auf 1.