PSAR Rapid Forex Scalper System

This is the third article in our Parabolic SAR series. If you haven’t already, we suggest that you check out the first article about the Parabolic SAR the previous two articles, we have covered the background, the calculations involved, and how to use and read the SAR indicator.

Simple Swing Trading Strategy. Leave a comment Click here to cancel reply. In the picture below shows how parabolic SAR to help give the trend reversal signal. Trading this way should be your goal. I had 50 great trades in a row and then BAM one losing trade with no stop loss just hoping the market would turn around.

How to use Parabolic SAR to exit trades

Parabolic SAR Forex Rules for Short Trades Rule #1- Apply Parabolic SAR system and Moving Average indicators to chart. You can choose different colors for the moving averages. The 20 period moving average is Red and the period moving average is Green in this example.

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